How to create an openhab rule via rest api?

How can I create rules via openhab rest api?
Is there any documentation or guideline?

I have bunch of rules in a .rules file. I want this file while creating rules via rest api. Is there any tool for that?

What do mean with " I want this file"?

What do you want to achieve and what do you need the API for?

As far as I understand the api-explorer online documentation you would have to use “POST /rules”.
I didn’t find any example but these two threads:

Based on the first one I would suggest to create a rule manually via the UI and compare the parameter that you havein the code explorer via the code in your rule.

I have a x.rule file, I want use this rule file to generate post request to openhab. Using the post request I want create automation rules.
Can I do that? Is there any guidance for that?

Thanks everyone for their input. Much appreciated.

Given this is your goal I strongly recommend dropping Rules DSL and use any of the other rules languages which provide access to the OH API to create, modify, and enable/disable rules from other rules. There are helper libraries that make it easier than building up a JSON string in a programming language that doesn’t natively support JSON (i.e. Rules DSL), dealing with authentication to the REST API, and posting that JSON using REST.