How to display RTSP streams from IP Cameras in Openhab and Habpanel (Linux only)

Hi, sorry for dumb questions, I’m totaly confused now with all these being said in the topic, but can you please forward me in right direction. I have several “yoosee” cameras. I have installed IP Camera bindings and have added HTTPONLY Generic IP Camera by simply writing IP, username and password. Seems like camera is online as states in the thing. Then I opened the thing and tried to link channel (tried RTSP and Image) but frame with video does not appear neither in control nor on the BasicUI page. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but how to get frame, let’s say 200x300 on the BasicUI page with video or picture from the camera? My RTSP string which works in VLC is like:

I am new to this. I have a RPI 3+ and I sucessfully installed you IP Camera binding and added a Prikim camera to my openhab then I wanted to be abe to see my stream through Habpanel so I followed your instalation process but it doesnt show up. From what I understand you want people to tweak information in here but am not sure what

<Feed camera1.ffm>
ACL allow localhost
#uncomment if you want an IP range to be able to access the stream
#ACL allow

<Stream camera1.mjpg>
Feed camera1.ffm
Format mpjpeg
VideoFrameRate 6
VideoSize 640x360
VideoBitRate 2048
Strict -1

This is what apears in Habpanel

Also what should I test in the two SSH windows? Thank you for your help.

Install this widget and read the ipcameras readme file on how to create mjpeg with ffmpeg.

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What do we do now? Is there a way to do all of this without having to use an old, discontinued, unsupported piece of software?

Your answer is literally in the post above yours. The ipcamera binding can do it, you no longer need to use ffserver.