How to downgrade from 2.5 to 2.4?

What is the stable 2.4 version?


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Need help.

What is the stable release that I should downgrade?
How to downgrade?


The latest stable release is 2.5.3

Since I upgrade to 2.5 I encounter a lot of issues.
I am looking to downgrade to 2.4 which work fine for me over the last year.
do you know which release I should downgrade to?


What type of issues. For most of us, OH 2.5 runs quite stable.Did you read the following? That describes the major issues after upgrading and also shows you how to resolve them:

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Some sensors stop working, some others get high latency.
I would like first to downgrade and back to my stable position then I can debug the problem and confirm it due to upgrade.
I try go over some recommendation to fix issues after upgrade but none of them help

See the second post here

so something like

apt-get install openhab2=2.4.0

should do the trick.
But after upgrading, have you changed the location of the rest docs and so on as described in the post above? Without it, it happened to me that a lot of bindings kept restarting which definitely increased latency and usage of system ressources. So make sure that you’ve followed the description in the chapter “Restdocs moved to UI”

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Thank you for the details.
I just downgrade and everything is back to work as before!
Now I also can add my new sensors (which I cant at 2.5)

Thanks for help

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