How to get node-red working with openhab

I’m wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to get node-red working with openhab. I"m NOT using openhabian, I’m looking for manual installation instructions.

Thanks much+++

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Or do you mean “how do I install NodeRed?”

If you’re using a Linux based system, their standard script works well

bash <(curl -sL

When that’s installed, just go to


Find the palette manager from the options on the right hand side.

Click on the ‘install’ tab and search for openHAB2

There are a number of versions, my personal preference is “node-red-contrib-openhab2” which is currently at Version 1.1.7

Which will give you

Sorry @Andrew_Rowe

I didn’t see this in the last link you posted.
(The lack of formatting hid it from my aging eyes)

 curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
sudo apt-get install gcc g++ make
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

Do you happen to know if that process is any better or worse that the command in the NodeRed installation guide? (Or is it the same but different)


I’ve found out what the difference between the two approaches if anyone is interested.

The single line assumes that lsb_release is available as a system command.
If it isn’t the whole process fails.

The 4 line method installs lsb_release before attempting the NodeRed installation.

I discovered this when I was trying to install NodeRed onto a BeagleBoneBlack that is running Debian GNU/Linux 8.3 Jessie

In the end I used the following combination

sudo curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo bash <(curl -sL

The BeagleBone isn’t the fastest machine on the block, but it seems to be running NodeRed well enough.

Thanks, yeah I was hoping for a start to finish install node-red and integrate with openhab instructions, but linux/ras pi installation. Most of what I’ve seen is instructions for openHabian. which looks pretty straight forward. I had not found specifics for a manual linux installtion. I had come across those posts which were shared in previous searches I did, but for some reason was not finding specifically what I was looking for. (it’s challenging to sift through hundreds of posts) so I was just looking to see if someone knew of a specific location with a step by step. thanks much for all your help++ much appreciated.

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Just run this single command from a Linux command prompt…

bash <(curl -sL

When it’s finished, NodeRed should be up and running.

Then you only need to add the openHAB2 nodes.

If you want more of a how to Video, then I’m planning on creating a “quick and dirty” how to video to get people to and running from a blank memory card to a fully working openHAB2 & NodeRed setup.
(Obviously, it’ll include information about Velbus too)

UPDATED April 23rd 2020

it’s all good, I figured it out after noodling around a bit. Having never used node-red, I was not aware that nodes could be installed via the web gui, and used npm install instead. anyway, it’s working. but yeah, others might find a quick n dirty install/config tutorial, particularly those who are not familiar with node-red. getting node-red installed was no issue, I was mostly uncertain about the best way to get it integrated with openHab, and was not aware of the ability to add the node via the gui. thanks again.

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