How to install a backup

I wanted to install the DSCAlarm binding under OH3.3 but it failed ( and I haven’t managed to fix the problem. I have a backup which is few days old so now my question is that which files/folders I would need to copy over to the OH installation folder. I want to keep my persistence data. I’m running OH on a Win11 NUC.

If you used openhab-cli backup to build the backup restore the same version of openHAB later using openhab-cli restore [filepath]/[filename].zip .

what kind of backup do you have ?

If it is one as @opus descrbied then the zip file also contains the persistence data files of db4o, mapdb, rrd4j.

So the question is which type of persistence do you use ?

I’m running OH3.3 on a Win11 box so I just copied the OH folder to my NAS. I’m using mapdb and rrd4j so I would like to keep these when “installing” the backup. Do I need to keep any other files when copying from the backup folder?

It sounds to me as if you are trying to restore the persistence data from your “Backup”.
If you would have used the commandline tool ‘openhab-cli backup’ to create a backup, you would have the data to restore the database as of the time of the backup.
As you did the backup by

the contents depend on your installation type ( in your case Windows, I am not sure what is where on such system ). Have look into the documention to find where the persistence data is stored on Windows and locate that folder on your “Backup”.

Once you have the stored .rrd files, stop openHAB, overwrite the actual .rrd files with the dtored ones and restart openHAB.

So it is sufficient to restore only the rrd files, nothing else?

For getting back the persisted data this would be enough. You have to say if this is all what needs to be restored.

Thanks. I think th situation is pretty much clear now.