How to install the Wago binding?

According to this, there exists an openhab2 binding for Wago PLCs.
However, I can’f find that binding in PaperUI>Add-Ons>Bindings.
Should I install something in order to get this binding on my system ? If so, where can I download the Openhab2/Wago binding ?
I’m running a standard openhabian image on a Raspberry Pi.

It might be in the IoT Marketplace. You need to be running a snapshot version of 2.1 and you can install the marketplace from Paper UI and then install the binding from the Marketplace.

If it isn’t available there you need to download the jar file, presumably from the GitHub repo, and place it into the addons folder.


I have problem installing WAGO Binding. I can’t find it thru Bindings and Marketplace. There is also no *jar file in GitHub folder. Can anyone help me?

Check the log for errors. There is a bug with the marketplace for some users. See [SOLVED] Failed downloading Marketplace entries: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure for a solution.

Thanks for help, but my Marketplace work fine. I can’t install WAGO Binding because there is no WAGO Bindings on the list.

I have the same problem.
Also when I look HERE, I still can’t find the Wago binding.
Am I doing something wrong?