How to messure rate of flow of water?

I´m thinking about to build a watering system for our garden. I would like to have control over the quantity of water which will be used for watering. So I´m looking for a feed water flow meter which I can integrate into openhab if possible using z-wave.
Any ideas?
Thanx for each ideas

Never used it myself but it seems to be sold many different places and is zwave…

Great, thank you!

doesn’t seem to be a European frequency version, unfortunately

Ah, yeah, I didn’t know where you are from. Have you considered a ready made irrigation system?

There are lots of discussions on here about integrating various systems into OH. I have a Hunter system and it isn’t integrated via zone control but I do trigger its rain sensor via arduino so that I can use internet based weather forecasts instead of their foolish rain sensor.

Point is, the hunter system supports typical non-zwave flow meters. Might be exposed via the api… other brands may have similar.

Hey dear. hope you are doing good. I am using a complete series of Paddle Wheel Flow Meters in my plant for water distributions, flow measurement of liquids and for some other measurements . It provides exact accuracy.Give it a try. I am sure it will help you a lot in your desired watering system.

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Hi Misa_Amane, thank you, will check where I can get here in Spain.

I guess Omega engineers provide these meters as well. Not sure .


They have several water meters. zWave, or Wifi (GreenIQ proprietary maybe?). It’s about £60 for the wave one. Valves are expensive though if you’re adding them as well…