How to migrate from Control4 to openHab

I’m in the UK and have recently had Control4 installed. Unhappy with level and cost of continuing support and would like to migate to an alternative, preferable open system. Has anyone done this and could that experience be shared?

its possible as long as the hardware behind it is supported in openhab think of it like openhab is not a device so its control4 is not a device just a way of controlling other devices

How do I find out more about how to do this or even better, locate someone I could pay to do it for me?

What you can do its very simple just look around in your electric panel or music cabinet or network cabinet make some pictures of the devices that you have post it here and we will see maybe some devices are already supported and me or other people can help you move from control4 but in general what you need is a home automation system integrator so you can search that if you really dont feel like doint it yourself.

Hi Robert, welcome on board!

I know nothing about Control4, but you can read about other people’s experience here:

Essentially, because Control4 is a closed system, nothing else can be integrated with it (bear in mind I know nothing about Control4 so hopefully I’m mistaken and some things can be re-used), so if you’d like to “migrate” away, essentially you’ll have to replace everything, rip out control4 and replace them with something equivalent.

I think you’ve come to the right place for the most ideal replacement, although I’m biased of course because I love openHAB. I’m just an openhab user, no different to you, and I certainly don’t gain anything whether you use openhab or not.

Once you’re ok with replacing everything, then we can start with you listing off what you currently have and perhaps what you would like to have. We can then probably make suggestions as to how to proceed forward.

Are you interested in tinkering with / implementing this all yourself, or are you looking for a “turn-key” system where someone comes in and do it for you, perhaps similar to how Control4 worked in the past?

EDIT: another post with some information on how to use / integrate Control4’s multi-room audio system with openhab: Multi-room audio controllers from Control4 supported?

But if I were you, I’d remove any trace of control4 from my house and replace it with something I can easily replace myself without having to have someone else come and do it for me.

i also believe he just wants a turn key solution. But anyway i leave it here for future reference
For anyone looking to tap into control4 without any real modification there is a way but still require a control4 dealer to come and activate the licence for the plugin that you choose

this are two ways of doing it

I’d happily do this myself because a key issue is to regain control of the system. However, while I’m not stupid, I’m also not a tech expert. I don’t want to interfere with what I’ve got, screw it up and then be in an even worse position. If the migration is reasonably straightforward, I’d have a go, but if it isn’t, I’d want an expert on site to get it all working. I’d be happy to pay for that if necessary.
When you say ‘rip it all out’, what exactly do you mean? There are broadly three components to the system: the hardware, the software and the wiring that connects everything together. I do not want to interfere with the wiring as this is now buried in the fabric of the building. But switching hardware (except speakers that are also fitted to the walls and ceilings) and reinstalling software are feasible. But I’m hoping that most of the kit is generic and could be used in an alternative set-up.

Rather than photos, here’s a copy of the installation proposal that specifies all the equipment used for both the AV (Control4) and lighting (Lutron). I’d welcome any input that would help me replace the Control4 setup. Lutron is less of an issue but it may make sense to repalce that with an open system at the same time.

There is an official Lutron binding Lutron - Bindings | openHAB

And from your list, it seems that control4 is only a minor part of it, at least on the hardware side. For AV there are a few bindings but I don’t know which alternative product would fulfil your requirements (Yamaha, Onkyo, Denon, etc?).

Maybe change your post title to “Seeking help in the , UK” or something to that effect, if you want someone there to physically help you.

lutron has a biding start digging the documentation of the biding and you save a lot of money. then for the audio part the matrix is not very well documented so your best bet is buying one that has a openhab biding
and with this you can just swap and keep all your amplifiers and speakers.
then for the receiver depends on what you want as music source but that product is discontinued
Samsung also has a binding so it’s possible to integrate it.

You make me think that this migration is possible but I need much more detailed advice on what has to be done. I don’t expect to get that level of support free from this thread. Should we take this thread off-line so you can hold my hand through this process, or perhaps someone in the UK (south east) could help either by advising me i detail what to do or actually doing it for me. Having someone who knows what they’re doing would de-risk the process and that has value.