How to move Aeon Gen5 zwave stick from Windows to Pi2

I have been using an old Windows laptop to get openHAB working and am happy with the way openHAB works, but this machine isn’t a good server long-term, so I’m starting a migration to a Raspberry Pi 2. I’m pretty confident that I’ve got a good installation of openHAB and have transferred my items, sitemap, persistence, etc.

However I know that with z-wave you need to be careful to get everything just right, or things get really messy, so I would appreciate some advice on moving my Aeon Labs Z-Stick Gen 5 from the Windows computer to the Pi2.

Can you advise whether I need to exclude all the devices from my z-wave network on the PC, before transferring the z-stick over to the Pi. Or will the Z-Stick hold all the details of the network and carry them across to the Pi without doing all the exclusion and re-inclusion?

I am keen to get it working first time, as our heating and hot water depend on the z-wave. The rest of the household won’t be happy if I get it wrong and we have a week without our creature comforts!



Just move it over. The inclusion and network is all stored on the controller itself, not within openHAB. You will probably have to go to your battery devices and wake them up a few times to give the binding a chance to query them and figure out what they are but you do not need to exclude/reinclude them.

Thank you for that insight. I am about to try it and will let you know how I get on.

just in case you have issues…port is /dev/TTYACM0. Also may need to include openhab as a user. Two ways to do it:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout openhab
sudo adduser openhab dialout

Thanks again for your help. Unfortunately I am still having problems getting openHAB to recognise my Aeon Labs Gen 5 z-wave controller:

I followed your recommendations but HABmin isn’t showing any devices under the z-wave binding, which isn’t surprising as the openHAB log shows the error:

[b.z.i.protocol.ZWaveController] - Serial Error: Port /dev/TTYACM0 does not exist

Am I missing something subtle, like configuring which USB port the stick is in?


You have to make sure the openhab user has permission to read/write to that device. This is usually done by adding the openhab user to the dailout group as @Branden_Smale recommended.

i just noticed you have capitol TTY. Change to tty.

Great, thanks!

I changed that and immediately the logs show that openHAB is finding nodes on the zwave network.

glad to help when im able…not very knowledgeable abou most things, but if im able, i will.

I just moved my OpenHAB to a Raspberry Pi 4 including the Z-Wave stick. Once the Z-Wave controller was set up all nodes showed up immediately. Great!
As my Z-Wave network covers a large area some nodes do not directly communicate with the controller and those nodes are still not identified after 10 hrs. Even the ones connected to mains power.
Any ideas? Network heal every hour or is there a more efficient way?