How to move Z-Wave network from openHAB (Windows) to openHABian

Source system: Windows 10, openHAB 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #2554
Target system: openHABian, openHAB 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #3112
Z-Wave controller: DSA02203-ZW (so no S2 security involved)

Is it enough to just plug the Z-Wave controller into the Raspberry Pi
(as the quite old thread How to move Aeon Gen5 zwave stick from Windows to Pi2 suggests)?

If the parameter definitions in the Z-Wave database have changed in the meantime (#2554#3112), there might be problems.

Yes, it’s as simple as that with one extra step (assuming you are moving your configs too). You’ll have to edit the Zwave Controller Thing to point to the right location for the Zwave controller.

Note, if you are moving your configs, you should move them over to the same version (since you are on snapshots pick the closes 3.2 milestone after when the SNAPSHOT was installed) and only after the configs are copied over and working upgrade.

There is no guarantee that configs from two versions back will work with the current SNAPSHOTS and the upgrade scripts don’t run when you restore a backup.

I would suggest to move the XML files from the userdata\zwave folder. This isn’t “required”, but will speed up discovery - otherwise all devices will need to be rediscovered which may take some time - especially with battery devices.

Those files get captured by the backup script (e.g. openhab-cli backup) though, right? If not we should add them.

I think so, but it was unclear to me that @Ap15e was migrating via a backup - it doesn’t say that’s what he’s doing in any case.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I plan to move the Z-Wave network only and will follow @chris’ advice to transplant the Z-Wave XML files.

I will report back on my findings.

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Transplanting my Z-Wave network (20+ devices) from Windows to openHABian was absolutely smooth.

Impact on ‘Used Heap Percent’ is about 10 percentage points: