How to read IPMI sensors?

Hi everyone, I just installed OpenHAB but I cannot find a way to read all my various IPMI sensors of the motherboard (HP ML110 G7 server).
I think it would be useful to control the status of the server and to integrate it in the rules.

In my brief experience with Home Assistant I used to track them also to check inlet air, fan speed, and so on.

I searched the forums and Internet for “openhab ipmi” but I got nothing.

Can anyone give me some hint? thanks.

Update: I have iLO 3.

I just did a quick look. It appears HPE has a REST API.

It looks like it’s not available for iLO 3, which I have on my server.

In the past the maximum I could do was to use perl and ipmitool (or freeipmi, I don’t remember) to dump some values into a sqlite database.

I know how to edit and write simple scripts, but I’m not a developer. I doubt I would be able to write a new binding by myself.

I found that even APC ups’ are not supported out of the box…
But luckily someone wrote a binding:

I guess I can try the exec binding or I could modify the bindings for APC.

I’m still quite surprised neither binding is provided out of the box, but I guess it won’t be a problem.

Likely these are not available outside North America.

I think there area few users of the NUT binding

I found the APC driver works better with my UPS.

IPMI is extremely common in servers of several manufacturers. It’s common… But not in homes, and that may be the reason for the lack of a binding.

APC also is extremely common, it’s one of the leading manufacturera of UPS units worldwide… But again, in homes UPS are not that common.

Which binding are you using for APC? One of those I linked?

My unit only has serial communication. I have to use the output of apcaccess and parsing, as indicated in the links.

I was referring to Linux functionality. I have not done any OH integration yet. I have considered looking at the Exec solution but was unaware of a developing APC binding…

There is no such thing as “out of the box” with openHAB. You have the core of OH and you have add-ons that you install. Which add-ons each individual user is going to unique for the most part.

But also realize that openHAB is a home automation server, not an IT automation server. There are far better tools to do that for you.

Having said that, there is an SNMP binding which many users use to monitor various aspects of their machines. NUT is pretty popular for working with UPS.

Many people use Ansible, possibly adding the free AWX (dev for Ansible Tower) server for IT server & network management automation.

Ansible is for administering your IT infrastructure (i.e. building, configuring, updating, changing). You may also want something along the lines of Prometheus, SolarWinds, Logrhythm, Spelunk, ELK stack, Nagios, Zabbix, etc. for monitoring. OP is doing a task more suited to one of these than Ansible.

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Btw.: Just stumbled over

Have anybody tried this? Parsing is done in Python and interesting parameters are published to MQTT…

Currently I’m using my APC ups with NUT and the NUT binding. Unfortunately, the available parameters are qite limited due to the USBHID-UPS driver…

Looks interesting indeed!
It might push me to look at mqtt if the other options do not work well

Oh come on, of course you have to install them, that’s not what I meant…
What I meant is that the bindings under HA were at least there… Here I have to hack something or develop them myself.

That’s a good idea, also because it makes everything smart-home-platform independent! Actually I might try to hack that one to get IPMI too! I’m going to need a mqtt server anyway for some home made sensors.

HA does not really have a definite roadmap or know what they are.
Server remote IPMI does not belong in a home automation system IMHO.