How to remove Caldav reload job?

I did delete a google calendar which I had configured in the CalDav binding on OH2. But even after removing it from caldavio.cfg I still get

[ERROR] [caldav.internal.job.EventReloaderJob] - error while loading calendar entries: Unexpected response (404 - Not Found)

entries in the openhab.log.
During an OpenHAB restart there is a log entry with

[INFO ] [.io.caldav.internal.CalDavLoaderImpl] - reload job scheduled for: deletedcalendarname

So for some reason the CalDav binding still tries to sync with the deleted calendar.
Even a deinstallation of the binding did not help. After reinstalling it the job is immediately scheduled again.
How do I get rid of the job?

Try to check the stored configs via the Karaf console.


Maybe there are some stale configs in your OH2.


Hi Haus 24,

did you find out how to remove the reload job?
I have the same issue and I searched with the karaf console, but I dont know, how to delete these entries…

Maybe you found out how to fix this issue.


I have done this steps to solve this Problem.

  1. Remove the Binding with Paper UI
  2. Connect the console of your openHAB-Server (Uses Linus(ssh) Windows(putty)
  3. Now connect to Karaf Console (Password: habopen)
    #> sudo ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101
  4. Check the calDAV-config
    openhab> config:list “(”
  5. Delete the calDAV-config
    openhab> config:delete org.openhab.caldavio
    openhab> logout
  6. Install the CalDAV-Binding again.

Best wishes and good luck