How to start influxdb2

I have for OH3 installed the latest version of influxbd (version 2). To configure the previous version what is still running in a docker on my Synology I run sudo docker exec -it influxdb influx

when I do the same for the new version
sudo docker exec -it influxdb2 influx I get the error “error”: “listen tcp :8086: bind: address already in use”
So I changed the port from 8086 to 8087 to avoid this error.
But I still get the same error message “error”: “listen tcp :8086: bind: address already in use”
How to solve this?

How did you change the port ?

I stopped the container changed the port and started the container.


I assume, that the wrong port might be changed.
The exposed port by InfluxDB Docker Image is port 8086. This is the default value, which can be found within the documentation of InfluxDB on Dockerhub, as well as within the dockerfile of the github project.
My suggestion is to not change this port, the solution you’re might be searching for is to change the local port of your Synology, so the conainer port 8086 should be mapped to the local port 8087, for instance.

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