How to use enocean switch to dim hue

I am currently learning a lot about openHAB and got first experience with HUE, SONOS, Alexa with Hue Emulation and Amazon Dash Buttons.

Now I try to work with my existing enocean stuff and got my enocean binding to work (however, there seems to be instability sometimes when changing items).
What I achieved so far is to switch sonos Play/Pause with an enocean switch.

What I am now after is a working setup to dim a hue light while pressing and holding the enocean switch (up/down or I/O). Or set volume on sonos when pressing and holding a button. I understand what commands enocean sends for each parameter (I/O) and there are separate values for Press and Release the button.
So it should work somehow to use the switch so that holing a button equals dimming or volume while just pressing it quickly equals switch on/off.

Does anyone have a working configuration to properly set this up (items/rules)?

Enocean has so much potential, so it would be great to have some skilled people maintain the binding. If I was a programmer I would contribute but I am not …

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Hi @uweb,

I do not know if you are still looking for an enocean solution to you problem, but I released a new version of my new openhab2 enocean binding today. This binding supports profiles to directly link your rocker switches to your items. E.g. I link a rocker switch to a sonos (play/pause, volume up/down) and another one to a hue (on/off, dim up/down). Discussion here

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