Howto add a device to the zwave database

i have a device that is not in the database. It is a Devolo Motion Detector. I would like to add it to the database but have not found instruction how to do it. Also the search did not help me. Can you point me in the right direction?

From the log:
log/ 21:05:16.702 [DEBUG] [.z.i.config.ZWaveConfiguration:274 ]- NODE 9: No database entry: devolo [ID:d,Type:2]



See the documentation here.

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Seems you have not added the device yet or ?

Now it lights green confused ^-^*

The fact that HABmin might show the device is green is totally unrelated to the database. The database contains additional information about the device, but it’s not required for openHAB1 use. The ‘green light’ means that the device is operating and this isn’t linked to the database…

For reference in case anyone else ends up here, there’s now an online database editor here.

Okay thanks, I don’t think I will have the time to implement it.
I hoped it was implemented/integrated.


It would be great if people could help with adding database entries for new devices they have (and many people are). It doesn’t take too much time (probably 15 minutes) so if everyone chips in with their devices it will make things easier for everyone. I don’t have the device so can’t for example upload the xml file that you probably already have (since you have the green light in Habmin, it should have generated the file).

Hi Chris,

thanks for your great work!

I have understood that your Website is the preferred way to submit device xml files to you, is it?
I would like to upload some files for Devolo thermostat, it is the rebranded Danfoss LC-13 with new firmware from Devolo. But there is no green button in the right corner, like the discription from your site?

Can you tell me, how i can enable my account to upload a device xml?


Yes - doing it this way allows us to also get the information needed for OH2 (and hopefully it’s also easier and less prone to errors :wink:).

I’ve just updated your access - if you don’t see the various editor buttons now please let me know…


how can i test the new entry of the device database?

It needs to be compiled into the binding. You can export the XML from the online database and create a PR for openhab… I can also do this if you’d like.

I have also correct the Danfoss LC-13, the command class protection (0x75) were missing.
What did you mean with “create a PR for openhab”?

The database editor effectively allows you to generate the xml files - these files still need to be merged into OH on Github, and this process is the Pull Request (PR). It requires you to have the development environment configured… If you’re not happy to do this I’m happy to do it - just give me the references for the devices…

In the longer term, the plan is to automate this a little more, but until the online database is ‘complete’ I don’t want to risk breaking OH1 :wink: but this is what we’re doing on OH2 now…

I don’t have a development environment and i’m not a java developer.

I have edit Danfoss LC-13 (ID 165 in your Database) and add MT02650 - Devolo Thermostat (09356) (ID 295 in your Database)

No probs - I’m happy to move these across to the binding. I’ll do this tomorrow…

Thanks for the help with the database updates.

Do you need more help by correcting the database, in the summery section are many "thingid contains invalid characters." error messages? It looks like the “_” is not allowd in the thing ID.

Yes - I’m trying to avoid using _ to make the naming consistent… At the moment I’ve not bothered to correct all these errors as these devices are also missing information. Once this information is updated in the device I’ll fix the other errors as well (it takes no time to do it this way).

I’ve also just merged in your thermostat…



@chris Hi Chris,

I’m trying to add to the database but I can’t see the Add button from the guide… would you be able to amend my access?

I’ve just bought a Fibaro Swipe and wanted to add this in.


Done - any problems, please let me know…

Thanks Chris, I’ve uploaded the XML and updated all the parameters etc from the manual.

I think I’ve done it all correctly but this is my first zwave device so would you mind taking a look? I’ve attached the manual PDF as well in case you need to check anything.

If it is all good would you be able to do the Pull Request as well for me? I’ve got less than no idea how it works…