Howto: TripleSwitch to controll fresh air fan

Hello guys

For my new home I plan to implement some decentral controlled domestic ventilation (in german kontrollierte, dezentrale Wohnraumlüftung). My favorite device for this is the Siegenia Aeromat VT WRG 1100.
It could be controlled via Siegenia Sensoair (which is a zWave enabled device, but not really stylish) or via wires.

This is the sheme for it.

For the english natives:
Aeromat need to have a a full power off switch.
S1 = Fanspeed 1 (low)
S2 = Fanspeed 2 (high)
S1 + S2 = Automatic

Overall: I need 3 Switches, each controllable via zWave and OH

  1. Power off
  2. Speed 1
  3. Speed 2

How could I realize it?
To use 2 zWave devices per fan seems a little bit oversized.
Do you have any DIY ideas?

Thank you in advance.


Use an actuator with 2 outputs, e.g. or something similar.

Of course the more simple (respectively much cheaper) way would be to use the 24V inputs and switch them through ESP8266 (or something similar) :wink:

In question of power off switch: There are two options:

  1. socket + plug
  2. all-pole disconnection through a switch and fixed wiring
    This is only requested for maintenance, so this switch should be manual.

Hi Michael,

I am looking for a decentralized ventilation system as well
(see here: Hardware recommendation decentralized ventilation)

Have you been able to integrate the Siegenia into OH?
I am actually looking into this one with WIFI:


Yes. They work as a charm, thanks to @Udo_Hartmann Tipp with the dual switch on zwave base.

Im not really a fan of ‘smart’ things, for which I need a phone with an app.

I agree - unless you can put it under one roof like OH :slight_smile: and everything is automated.
My main idea is, if there is WIFI available on it I can access it by a web interface and intgrate it into OH.

Zwave would be even better for me, but placing the WRT 1000 will not work.
I need the tube ones.

Thanks for your quick response!