HPEx - HabPanel Extension

HabPanel Extension

Extending the functionality of HabPanel


Current Feature

  1. Toggable Drawer item
  2. Screen Saver
  3. Theater Mode
  4. Multi device Configuration

Note on Upgrading

If you have a previous installation of HabPanelEx, I have noticed that the browser may sometimes cache the javascript file. Always clear your browser’s cache when upgrading so you know you have the latest js file loaded.


  1. Import this Widget from Widget Gallery of HabPanel

  2. Go to HPEx in gitHub and download
    a. Copy habpanelex folder to your OpenHAB’s conf/html folder

  3. Go To Main Dashboard

  4. Add New Dashboard

  5. Name it HabPanelEx (A MUST)

  6. Go to that Panel (HabPanelEx)

  7. Add a widget and pick HabPanelEx

  8. Go back to main dashboard and edit

  9. Click Gear Icon (settings) for HabPanelEx

  10. Configure as shown on photo

  11. Go to the HabPanelEx panel (click it from drawer)

  12. Add Widget, select HabPanelEx then Save. Run

  13. Click on HabPanelEx from Drawer and Configure.


  1. Pin/Swipe Lock Panel
  2. SendCommand to an Item when Idle
  3. Different config per machine

Does this have all the screensaver features from your previous go (but with a simplified approach to panel selection)?

I actually made it simpler. You just type in the list of panel IDs you want. If there’s demand to simple drag/drop, I can do that too. This is still a wip. I might remove the widgetgallery tag for the mean time

Where would “your html folder” be?

(Sorry that’s how little I know of the innards of habpanel or maybe even openhab in general. Since I started OOTB with openhabian, I have yet to figure out where lots of things reside.) :blush:

in your OH conf folder

Thanks, found it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably makes sense when one knows more of the OH structure than I do. But, not intuitively obvious to me. :hushed:


I’m sure it’s because I’m just blindly following instructions…but, when I go to import the widget:

Import the widget.json file you directly downloaded from the repo. I am removing the tag for now so it doesn’t show up in widget gallery since this is in WIP status still.

Ok, stuck on step 10, I get nothing about Configure.

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Same here.
Blank widget

I’m also getting a blank widget on the 2.4 release version. Looking at the developer console in FireFox shows this:

HPExService: Init! ctrl.js:103:38
Error: config is undefined
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I will be moving the widget to github for easier maintenance. Stay tuned.

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Updated code.
Please remove your previous HabPanel widget and redo the steps above (steps also updated).

I welcome all Testers/Comments/Bugs/etc
Please report back.

I pulled down the new versions and so far it’s working great. Thanks for putting this together, I was just about to pull the trigger on buying a specialized “kiosk” browser for my spare ipad to do basically the same thing!

Np. I will be adding more features. Also, configuration is saved to an item. Just go to paperui and search habpanel. I suggest configuring it through the habpanel though.

I initially created this primarily when I was using an older wall mounted screen that had bad burn-in.

Hey Lucky,

Thanks for putting this together; I will definitely install it.

Here’s an idea that keeps bothering my wife . . .

I have a panel on each floor by the TV rooms and the screens auto dim after a while but they are still lit while watching TV. Ideally, it would be nice to have the panel call a “black screen layout” so the tablets don’t go to sleep. This would allow folks to watch a movie/show in the dark vs. having the panel be half way lit and/or rotating as a distraction.

Have logic in the panel that looks for an item state (i.e. Black == Yes triggered by another item being turned ON) then if the panel goes into rotation mode it looks for that specific item to see if it’s set to Yes and only have the “black” panel show until the Black == No, then it would rotate like normal.

Just a thought on a feature.

Best, Jay

Something like a theatre mode. Yup, this should be a good candidate. For mine, my monitor turns off automatically, and turns on when a motion is detected (through my cameras or the ultrasonic sensor I created in front of the monitor). Some people might not have cameras/sensors so this is a good one.

I can definitely do this. Screensaver will still kick in, but if a Switch item (such as “theatre_mode”) changes to ON, it will trigger the theatre mode, which should be configurable… either completely BLACK, or translucent black (you would still see the screen, but dimmer)

Boy, my wife will be VERY happy about this one!

Thank you . . .

Best, Jay

Theater mode should turn off when user clicks on the screen (turns off both theater mode and dashboard rotation). It will also update the Switch item to OFF. I will also provide a small button to turn it on from habpanel itself.

No joy for me. Step 13. no General or Screen Saver tabs.