HTTP Binding (SmartHome/J Version)

[removed on request of the openHAB Foundation]

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could you give some information if this removal is temporary or permanent?

I was using version 3.2.6 for the last 4 weeks and for the first time in a year I could retrieve information from a website that has been blocking my “Jetty” user-agent for the last 12 months. I would really like to see this extension come back or even better integrate the changes into the standard http addon.
I guess I could try a manual install for the time being.

I noticed there is a version 3.2.7 available now. I could not find a changelog anywhere. Could you point me to such documentation or mention the changes from 3.2.6 to 3.2.7 in the Http Binding?

Thanks for your work!


Glad that you found it useful. Unfortunately the removal is probably permanent. The new rules for the marketplace don‘t allow it. I‘m just following rules there.
If you are unhappy with that decision, please ask openHAB maintainers for the reasoning.

Manual install should be easy, you need the binding jar and the commons-jar, drop both in the addons folder and it should start working.

3.2.7 was released yesterday evening and I didn‘t find time yet to compile the release notes. But if I‘m not mistaken there is no difference in http.

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Not to put oil on the fire, but there is an important distinction to make:
the Marketplace is ultimately run by (and paid for by the members of) the non-profit openHAB Foundation organization as part of its mission - promote the openHAB project - which is separate from the openHAB maintainers group, even though some people are members of both.
You can be a openHAB Foundation member without being an openHAB maintainer, and vice versa.

Then let me rephrase it: If you are unhappy with that decision, please ask the the openHAB foundation for the reasoning. I have edited the posts accordingly.

Anyway: Decisions have been made and the alternative version is not and will not be available in the marketplace.

Hi Yannick & Jan,

my understanding is that there should not be addons in the marketplace which have a functional overlapp with already existing addons. I can see that point to prevent a fragmentation of functionality across multiple addons.
Jan has fixed a major shortcoming with the current http binding by adding the option of setting the user-agent (also discussed and requested here: Change User Agent in HTTP Binding) - some websites completely block Jetty as user agent.
Would it be possible to add that functionality to the current http binding implementation?

Br, Carsten

I you find someone willing to contribute that, it would be possible.

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I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, so please feel free to move this post to the right place.

A friend of mine ran into some problems with the Amazon Echo Control binding and asked me to help. So i did a search here and found some posts pointing to the marketplace. There i had to realize, that the corrected binding has gone.
I tried to understand why and found the rules for the marketplace the openHAB foundation (afaik owner of this site) introduced recently.
Reading these rules, i - not being a lawyer - can only speculate on the reasons, the foundation asked Jan to remove “his” work.
Is there someone from the foundation, who may and is allowed to give the reason(s) why you think it should not be allowed to place such pieces in the marketplace?
If you don’t want such work in the marketplace: do you think of any other place to help users to find intermediate (release-policy seems to be quite restricted) problem solutions?

The reason is quite simple. We have seen a couple of messages where users are irritated what binding version to use (openHAB distro or Smarthome/J version) and/or if the enhancements or bugfixes will be implemented into the distro bindings.

We are already in discussions how to solve this situation.


Originally I didn’t want to comment on this issue again. But just to make some things clear:

@hmerk and me had a nice and constructive discussion last weekend. We all aim at the best user experience with openHAB. From my side there is no bad blood towards @hmerk, @ysc or the openHAB foundation in general. As far as I understand the same applies to the “other” side. There are technical and administrative issues we’ll try to sort out. Please be patient and understand that we are all unpaid for the work here and this will probably take some time.