Hue Emulation doesn't support Colorbulbs?

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(JustAProgrammer) #1

So I Managed to get all of my Bulbs and Yeelights into a Color item as gColor and exposed to Alexa via Hue Emulation:
Alexa SmartHome Devices:


Color Yeelightc_1 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y1)              {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}
Color Yeelightc_2 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y2)              {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}
Color Yeelightc_3 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y3)              {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}
Color Yeelightc_4 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y4)   {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}
Color Yeelightc_5 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y5)              {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}
Color Yeelightc_6 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y5)          {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}
Color Yeelightc_7 "Farbe" (gYColor, gYBrightness, y7)  {channel="miio:basic:XXXXX:rgbColor"}

Arilux AL-CO1:

Color Arilux2_c "Farbe auswählen:"(gAColor, gABrightness, g2)  {channel="wifiled:wifiled:XXXXX:color"}
Color Arilux3_c "Farbe auswählen:"(gAColor, gABrightness, g3)  {channel="wifiled:wifiled:XXXXX:color"}
Color Arilux4_c "Farbe auswählen:" (gAColor, gABrightness, g4)  {channel="wifiled:wifiled:XXXXX:color"}
Color Arilux5_c "Farbe auswählen:" (gAColor, gABrightness, g5)  {channel="wifiled:wifiled:XXXXX:color"}
Color Arilux6RGBW_c "Farbe auswählen:" (gAColor, gABrightness, g6)  {channel="wifiled:wifiled:XXXXX:color"}


Group:Color:AVG gColor "Gruppenfarbe" ["AlexaColor"]
Group:Color:AVG gAColor "Gruppenfarbe Arilux" (gColor)
Group:Color:AVG gYColor "Gruppenfarbe Yeelights" (gColor)

I am actually able to dim the brightness with the command “echo, dim -gruppenfarbe- to 20%”
But I’m not able to change color, everytime I say something like “echo, turn -gruppenfarbe- red” I get a response saying that my device doesn’t support this. Does someone know where this behaviour comes from?

And even tho the Color item is a On/Off Type I can’t turn them on/off through alexa:

(Scott Karns) #2

Have you read the documentation for the Hue Emulation binding? According to the doc you can tag a color bulb with “ColorLighting”, which Alexa should then be able to control as a color bulb.

(CM6.5 H102) #3

To go along with what @scottk mentioned you can use this link to check your Alexa/Google item tagging.:wink:

(JustAProgrammer) #4

Hey Scott,

  • Yes

(Scott Karns) #5

Details of your system would help here.

I am running up-to-date openHABian on an RPi 3B, openHAB release 2.5.0-S1493-1. I do not see that information when I open the Hue Emulation Binding dialog box:

(JustAProgrammer) #6

Let me know which one!
I’m running the latest OH version on a RPi 3b+

to rename the tags? just rename it, it’s a textbox.
But it didn’t worked at first too, when the Tag was called “ColorLighting” but I’m gonna try it just to be sure!
As I said, it gets detected but its not controllable like a colorlight …
Thanks for helping.

renamed it to “ColorLighting”:

and it gets detected too:

But still the same Problem

(Scott Karns) #7

Unfortunately I have no color lights in my system, so I can’t run experiments here. @David_Graeff, is this a bug?

(JustAProgrammer) #8

no problem, thanks for helping!

If you need additional information, let me know! I want to get this resolved!
Thanks :slight_smile:

(David Graeff) #9

Do you use a group item for colors?
I have no idea if that works or is even supported by openHAB itself.
Single items work for sure, I have some in my system. You seem to have discovered them with Alexa as well.
Try also some Hue apps out for changing the color.

Cheers, David

(JustAProgrammer) #10

That’s the thing I’ve also thought about but weirdly it doesn’t work either.
I’ve dispossed a yeelight and one LED strip to alexa but still, can turn it off and send a brightness in percentage but nothing more or less.

Yeah worked very well!

some Hue apps? within alexa as a skill?

thanks for helping!

(David Graeff) #11

The official hue app (for your mobile) does not work to my understanding, because we haven’t reached the state of 100% emulating a hue bridge. But other apps work. Check out if they render the color item correctly and if they allow to change the color. If that works, you need to remove all of your Alexa items unfortunately and rediscover again.

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