Hue Emulation only ["Lighting"] tag works for Alexa

I’m using the Hue Emulation now for more than a year for connecting my items to Alexa.

Since the last update (2.4 developer build of the todays 2.5 developer build) most of my devices were no longer reachable from Alexa.

I’ve deleted all devices from the alexa view, and started new dicovery.

Now ony [“Lighting”] taged device found and all are now metioned as “Dimmable Light”

I’ve played with the different settings in the Hue Emulation service (incl. changing the tags) settings, but always only [“Lighting”] tagged were found and all are “Dimmable Light” created. All [“Switchable”] devices were ignored.
When I change a Item from [“Switchable”] to [“Lighting”] it works, so that’s my workaround.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.:+1:

In the future please do a quick search on both the forum and github as this issue has been disused multiple times.


Thanks for the nice indoctrination, that really helps :roll_eyes:

Maybe I used the wrong search terms or I’m not the most experienced forum/github operator, but with my skills, I was not able to detect something describing my problem.