I am looking for a Zigbee Energy smart plug type

Yes, like the subject line says… :slight_smile:

The smart energy monitoring plug (Zigbee) has the benefit that I do not need any extra cabling.
I am happy to extend the number of Zigbee devices.
I am also happy to take some mass-produced device and flash it with something else that talks MQTT.
… and (because it works with MQTT) can talk to OH.
No Internet/cloud connectivity should be required to run the switch.

[edit]And needs to have an AU plug.[/edit]

I have seen this Tuya devices to Openhab via MQTT - a working solution (without flashing)! but the script is no longer maintained.

Any hint /links appreciated.

For me NOUS A1Z zigbee-plugs work really fine. I run them connected via zigbee2mqtt. They are detected correctly right from the start, no flashing needed. I use zzh zigbee-stick.
I cannot tell you how accurate the power metering is.
On the following screenshot you can check which information you get from the plug.

Additional info regarding tuya wifi devices: Flashing tasmota over the air does not work anymore for most/all devices with actual tuya firmware.

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Had look; would be happy with it, but it does not have an AU plug (which I have added to my post)

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I am in Australia and I bought this the other day.
Aubess Zigbee Smart Socket Intelligent 16A Plug With Power Monitor Wireless

I bought it from Aliexpress:

It worked straight away with zibee2mqtt and looks like this in zigbee2mqtt:

And as a bonus it is small and you have have 2 things in a double power point.
On the Aliexpress web site make sure you pick the Zigbee model as they sometimes put wifi and Zigbee devices on the same page.

You beaut :slight_smile: true Aussie 'ey?!

Thanks, these looks very similar to the ones I ordered at the time of posting (on the premise if it doesn’t work, not much damage would have been done).

I have no idea about zigbee2mqtt, but assume, based on its name, one runs this software on a machine, connect a dongle to it and then pair existing devices?! This would eliminate the need for the OH Zigbee binding.

OK, so far so good.
What is the benefit of using zigbee2mgtt?
Does it ‘talk’ to far more device brands??
Any other benefit?

It has a great web interface:

It does a good Zigbee network map:

And yes it supports lots of hardware:

This is the dongle I am using:

The dongle worked straight out of the box. No flashing needed.

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