iBeacons for room based temperature sensors?

Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I’ve got, but for some reason having trouble getting temp off it. But if it works it seems a pretty cost effective method of putting sensors in rooms (about $15USD each). They’re also battery operated.

Unless someone else has another similarly priced was of getting temp sensors in multiple rooms. Ive done a couple with raspberry pis, but by the time you buy the board, power supply, sensor, wifi etc you’d be at about 100 each.

If you just want cheap temp sensors (under 5 $) take a look at

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plus the cost of a 3v3 power supply.

… or take one of the 10 smartphone power supplies lying around and buy a $ 1 Dc-Dc power supply :grin:

I use Wirelesstag.net sensors on my openhab setup. Not quite as cheap, but they’re going strong on their first button batteries and it’s been months.

Also (likely won’t apply to you) be aware that some iBeacons (don’t know which) cycle their ID quickly for security, which due to a bug can quickly break android Jellybean and kitkat devices’ bluetooth

I’m going to try these blue maestro tempo discs. They also have an outdoor one which is dearer and includes a logging function

Never heard of them but looks promising. Keep us up to date …

So…it’s been a while. But blue maestro released a bit more information and an IOS app in the mean time.

The ios app allows you to view the disk and pull all the information. So I played a lot with GATTTOOL to try an and replicate this. Then finally I figured out how to wirteshark a bluetooth capture and I managed to find the data in the advertising data of the disk.

==============`Preformatted text`================================================================
    fullpacket: 01 00 01 xx xx xx xx xx xx 1f 02 01 06 11 ff 33 01 16 5d 0e 10 00 1e **00 ae** 02 b7 00 71 01 00 09 09 54 65 6d 70 48 75 6d 33 b7 None
    Company:  3301
    UDID:  xxxxx
    MAJOR: 70 48 None
    MINOR: 75 6d None
    MAC address:  xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    Temp:  00ae
    Temp:  17.4
    Humidity: b7 00 None
    Humidity:  46.848
    Dewpoint:  25.6
    NameLength:  9
    Name: TempHum3 9
    Battery: 5d None
    Battery:  93.3647058824

So now I have a python program that can pull the data and I’ll be able to use MQTT to push it into openhab.

This has been a long slow process where I’ve had to try out at least 2 different beacon types.

Hi, I’m curious as how did you manage to use python to pull the data from blue maestro. I’ve been playing with it for days, and it just not getting it. Thanks

Reading the advertising packets.

I blogged it here: https://www.geekzone.co.nz/davidcole/8931
With links to the code in github: https://github.com/psyciknz/OpenHAB-Scripts/tree/master/BlueTooth

Hopefully that shows you what you’re after.