iCalendar high cpu load and not filtering


Long time ago I used the caldav binding (and even longer i implemented it).
Now i want to use the new icalendar binding but my filtered events are not loaded and (maybe because of this) the cpu load increases a lot.
Without the icalendar binding my cpu load is somewhere at 70%. With the icalendar binding it’s at nearly 130%. The complete oh3 instance is getting very slow. Even when i disable the binding again it stays slow, just after a restart (without icalendar) it’s fast with low cpu usage again.

My config is:

Bridge icalendar:calendar:heating “Calendar Heating” @ “Internet” [ url=“privateadress/heating/?export”, username=“password”, password=“password”, refreshTime=10 ]

Thing icalendar:eventfilter:heating_batheg “Heating BathEG” (icalendar:calendar:heating) [ maxEvents=1, textEventField=“SUMMARY”, textEventValue=".*Bad.EG.", textValueType=“REGEX” ]

String Calendar_Heating_BathEG_Title “Heizung Bad EG” { channel=“icalendar:eventfilter:heating_batheg:result_0#title” }

Platform is i3 with 16GB ram inside a docker container.
@damihe Maybe you have an idea?

Yes maybe you are running into an issue with endless recurrences (already fixed, will be released in 3.1, already merged if you want to try a snapshot). Maybe you are not filtering not what you’d expect. Yesterday i wrote a small guide:

Especially the section about filters should be interesting for you.

When i add the time filter like this

datetimeUnit="DAY", datetimeStart=1, datetimeEnd=2, datetimeRound=true

then its working, but not without (not tested with the new snapshot)
But with the new snapshot the high cpu load is gone. Thx