iCloud Binding gets lost after some time

Dear all,
I have three iCloud bindings, where I am getting information from the devices, connected to this iCloud accounts.
Everything is working for some time…but then I get request to enter 2FA and re-authenticate. After I re-authenticate everything is working fine, but I would like to skip part of re-authenticating or at least set it to longer interval. Is that possible? I am not sure, whether this needs to be done on the side icloud or openhab.
Thank you for your answer in advance,

Hey Rok,
in this thread are many discussions about this problem: iCloud Binding Communication Error - #650 by maihacke

Apple’s rerequest for 2FA is out of the bindings influence, so there is nothing to be fixed or changed from openHAB side.

So there is no way, to bypass this re-entering second factor code for each device once per month?

It’s the reason I created a virtual switches for presence (for each person) in OH that HomeKit turns on and off. You don’t get the full feature that the binding gives within OH but you do get the pretty slick Apple presence detection without the hassle of the 2FA for OH to leverage. The “find my” app provides quick access to the other functionality when needed (locating and battery levels).
Either is a trade off IMHO but I usually tread the path of least pain. :wink:


From cca 10 days ago, connection between iCloud’s “Find my” is not working anymore. Even if I enter new 2FA token, I am getting offline back. Any idea, why this connections is not working any more?