Iconify icon provider [;


Iconify is project delivers more than 150 000 icons for further use.

Since there are lot of icons best way to look them is official iconify browser: https://icon-sets.iconify.design.
This addon is a third party extension which packs some of icons and make them available for later use by all openHAB user interfaces.
For complete readme and examples please check addon README.adoc.

Version 2023-02-11

First release.





Thanks for this addon! With the latest release of the Android app you can use the new icon syntax to display these icons in the Sitemap. The icons are also colored based on the background color, i.e. white in the dark theme and black in the light theme.

Hello @mueller-ma,
Thank you for information. The iconset addon does deliver SVG files which are available for offline use. If android app attempts to request icons from icon servlet both will work fine together! :wink:

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Hi, are there any plans to update this binding for openHAB 4?

I recall there were some changes in handling of icons in basicui, however they did not affect IconProvider contract/interface. Is there any issue with iconify under OH 4?

I installed the addon, but I cannot see the icons, e.g. oh:mdi:palette should display palette - Material Design Icons - Pictogrammers, right?
The Readme says that the addon is for openHAB <4, so I thought that some update is required: https://github.com/ConnectorIO/connectorio-addons/blob/master/bundles/org.connectorio.addons.ui.iconify/README.adoc

When I open https://openhab/settings/addons/marketplace:144508 I see the following log line: [nity.CommunityMarketplaceAddonService] - Could not determine bundle name from url: https://connectorio.com/CFHi_iconify.jar
And when I install it: [arketplace.MarketplaceBundleInstaller] - The marketplace bundle was successfully installed but doesn't start: Could not resolve module: org.connectorio.addons.ui.iconify [290] Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.openhab.core.i18n; version="[3.0.0,4.0.0)"

All right, I see where issue comes from. I’ll update it to work with OH4, probably its just a manifest tweak.

According to the docs, shouldn‘t this be


Dumb question, is this addon still needed with openHAB 4 ?
AFAIK, BasicUI had been updated to support Iconify icons….

Edit, sorry, it was support for f7 and material icons which has been added.

For Basic UI, iconify and material icons are supported in 4.0. F7 icons arr supported in 4.1

I think I saw that iconify support was added to iOS app.

The problem is the Android app that supports none of these icons. The workaround is to rely on an addon providing some of these icons as an OH icon set.

I don’t think so. It’s <icon source>:<icon set>:<icon> => oh:mdi:palette.

The mdi icon set bundled with this addon has way more icons than the material icons: Material Design Icons - Icon Library - Pictogrammers

This addon stores icons on the server, so there’s no need for all clients to make web requests to arbitrary servers. All UIs need to maintain a mapping (icon pack => icon url) for F7, material and maybe more in the future.

Hmm, the bundle readme shows different example….

I see. This is some addon-specific syntax as it merges all icons in the classic icon set.

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Indeed, there was some hacky way getting iconsets working with OH 3.x, hence delimiters used to separate real iconset. I have to check, cause with 4.x changes we got a chance to share same syntax everywhere.

I’ve just deployed build for OH 4.0: Iconify icon provider [;

HI, I’ve upgraded to 4.2.0.M2 (from stable 4.1.2) and got “Could not determine bundle name from url: https://connectorio.com/eukn_iconify.jar” error that I googled back here maybe thanks to “manifest”. I’m using the 4.0.0-5.0.0 version from market, could it be that it does not support the .M2 exension? Thanks

For information, all OH UIs support iconify + material + framework7 sources out-of-the-box today.

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I’ve tried OH 4.2.0.M2 and it works fine when I call install https://connectorio.com/eukn_iconify.jar in openHAB shell. Can you try again and check if it was temporary network glitch?

It does, however above pulls iconify as offline resource. From what I recall at least iconify icons support in OH uis rely on externalized resources because they are too large to be included in UI build.

Installation from karaf seems to work. Result is Bundle ID: 316.
It seems installed OK in GUI, however still issued “[WARN ] [ity.CommunityMarketplaceAddonService] - Could not determine bundle name from url: https://connectorio.com/eukn_iconify.jar” into the openhab.log
But I believe it works, thanks for help.

It comes from some assumption made in code:

File names/uris should contain xyz-1.2.3.jar or xyz-1.2.3.kar which is obviously not a case with random uri used to provide iconify bundle. I would not worry about it for now.

Thank you for reporting issue, I’ll keep it in mind.


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