Iconify icon provider


Iconify is project delivers more than 150 000 icons for further use.

Since there are lot of icons best way to look them is official iconify browser: https://icon-sets.iconify.design.
This addon is a third party extension which packs some of icons and make them available for later use by all openHAB user interfaces.
For complete readme and examples please check addon README.adoc.

Version 2023-02-11

First release.





Thanks for this addon! With the latest release of the Android app you can use the new icon syntax to display these icons in the Sitemap. The icons are also colored based on the background color, i.e. white in the dark theme and black in the light theme.

Hello @mueller-ma,
Thank you for information. The iconset addon does deliver SVG files which are available for offline use. If android app attempts to request icons from icon servlet both will work fine together! :wink:

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Hi, are there any plans to update this binding for openHAB 4?