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Just a “conceptual” question: is there any possibility to show an icon instead of text as status of a sitemap element?
In my case, I’d like to display the wifi strength with dynamic icons (e.g. vertical bars) instead of percentage while keeping one fixed icon (e.g. an antenna) to identify the item.

You can map Item states to a collection of custom icon files, by appending your custom icon name with the required state.

Items with number states get even more funky.

Apparently you don’t need to create an icon for every value, as the UI will pick an icon to suit.

More instructions can be found here

You may or may not already be familiar with dynamic icons, where the icon links to Item state. But these are displayed on the left of a sitemap-based UI.

The textual version of state (raw or mapped) is displayed on the right. You can suppress that altogether, leaving only icon and/or label on the left.

There’s no way in the existing UIs to display icons on the right.

There is sort of bodge, most of the UIs can display unicode ‘emoticon’ style characters that you can encode into a String Item state, or in a MAP.

Or, consider HABpanel, where you can construct whatever layout you please.

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Thanks for the answer. Indeed, I was precisely referring to showing an icon “on the right side”, and not to dynamic icons, with which I’m familiar. Concerning HABpanel, would you recommend it if using a smartphone?

No idea, I don’t use HABpanel.

I’m the inverse.

I only use HabPanel.

However, it doesn’t scale enough to be able to (effectively) use the same layout for both a phone and a desktop.
I simply have different layouts for each (approximate) type of screen.

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