[Idea] UI to generate a cheat sheet for Alexa commands

I instegrated my Amazon Echo dot a few days ago and love how great it works.

But I think it would be great if I had some kind of “cheat sheet” with (all) possible commands I can say.

Something like this:

Alexa, turn Livingroom Lights ON/OFF/<color>
_________ Bedroom Lights __________
_________ Kitchen Lights __________


Alexa, turn Livingroom Shutters UP/DOWN/to <percentage>%
_________ Kitchen Shutters __________


Alexa, turn TV ON/OFF
_________ Chromecast __________
_________ Radio __________

This is just a quick draft.

Why a cheat sheet?

  • because I sometimes forget how I named a specific device
  • because I sometimes don’t know what device supports what commands
  • because family and guests will never remember all commands :wink:

Why generating this sheet automatically?

Why would you want to update the sheet manually every time you add or delete an item? :sunglasses:

Why doing this with an UI addon?

It does not have to be an UI addon.
But I think it would be the easiest way.
The user just opens http://openhabip:8080/alexa-commands and is presented the sheet or a few buttons to let the sheet be generated. (selecting the language; download as PDF, …)

What do you think?

Would this make sense?
Or is this unnecessary?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time or skill to develop such addon.
But I would appreciate it if anybody is willing to make this idea a reality. :innocent:


One can serve static HTML pages from the html folder. Seems like that would be way easier to implement than a totally separate add-on. Perhaps the Alexa binding could be modified to drop that HTML page into the confs for you.

I too have wanted a cheat sheet that I can leave for guests or baby sitters.

If you open the Alexa app on your phone/tablet, there is a Devices Listing of all discovered devices.

I think a simple text parser would do.