If not sitemaps then what?

I hear that sitemaps are a thing of openHAB 1 and they should be considered deprecated in openHAB 2. What’s the new thing then? I see the dashboards on habmin but I cannot understand how they work. I would also like to have something define in conf files, like the sitemaps. Is there something?

You can still use sitemaps. Indeed there is only really HABpanel as a built-in alternative currently.

I haven’t played much with habpanel either.
But I think that is the future. :slight_smile:

And as far as I understand you can im-/export configurations files for habpanel.


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I’m not sure what you mean by that @sihui. I expressed the concern, which I got by reading around, that sitemaps are a thing of the past (kind of deprecated in openHAB2) and I was wondering if there is a replacement. You are referring me to sitemaps documentation. What do you mean? That sitemaps aren’t a thing of the past?

No, they are not (not yet at least). You do need them in order to use the mobile apps (HABDroid & iOS App). I believe that this why @sihui pointed you to the docs. To understand better the use of sitemaps = to answer that they are not depreciated.

I use 1 sitemap only for my HABDroid and my wife’s iPhone. For everything else (controlling my devices), I use HABPanel.

I also believe that HABPanel is the future since it is very nice and has enormous capabilities (with community support for custom widgets).

Yes … and sorry for the short answer. But roundabout 100 new posts every day are too much to answer the few I am able to answer in detail. :slight_smile:

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Then, if you don’t mind me abusing this thread a bit, could you tell me if you can what’s wrong with this sitemap? The switch does show up on the UI but clicking it does nothing. The actual switch does of course work on PaperUI.

sitemap default label="Default"
	Frame label="Test" {
		Switch item=Kitchen_Light

Actually nothing, but to know whats going on we need the item definition for “Kitchen_Light”, please.
What does your events.log tell you? Should be something like
Item 'Kitchen_Light' received command OFF or
Item 'Kitchen_Light' received command ON

This is the item configuration.

Switch  Kitchen_Light "Kitchen Light" <Light> (All_Lights) [Switchable] {zwave="7:2"}

I don’t have log entries when items’ states change anyway. It might be my logging level.

Try the following:

Switch  Kitchen_Light "Kitchen Light" <Light> (All_Lights) [Switchable] {channel="zwave:device:7:2"}

Check the channel name (zwave:device:7:2) in PaperUI and use it directly in your items config.
Alternatively, you can link the channel to the item using PaperUI

I’m afraid this changes nothing.

Also I’m not sure what you mean by “channel name in PaperUI”. I found sth like “zwave:device:15a0064df57:node7:switch_binary1” but it didn’t work.

As I said before, the switch does work on PaperUI Control page. I just doesn’t work on the sitemap. And I just realized that it doesn’t work on any sitemap, not just the one I created with the configuration I mentioned above. The switch doesn’t even work with the default sitemap called Home which appears in Habmin. So it works only on PaperUI Control page.

Item should be:

Switch  Kitchen_Light "Kitchen Light" <Light> (All_Lights) [Switchable] {channel="zwave:device:15a0064df57:node7:switch_binary1"}

Though you will need to double check that is the right channel.

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Nope…ok, fine, this works too in PaperUI, just like {zwave=“7:2”} works too. But neither of the two work in the sitemap page.

I guess your “Switchable” option comes from the Hue emulation service.
If yes, you need to change the syntax:

wrong: [Switchable]
correct: ["Switchable"]

I’m pretty sure your sitemap will work after that change.

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Yes, it does come form Hue emulation service and it works fine like this. I just tried with the double quote though, but sitemap still doesn’t work.

Looks like it is hopeless :grinning:

What I would do now:

Create a proxy switch (no binding bound to it) and see if that works:


Switch Test_Proxy "Test Item"


Switch item=Test_Proxy


rule "Test"
        Item Test_Proxy changed
	logInfo("FILE", "Test Item works")

and after switching you should see in your openhab.log “Test Item works”

Great, but it is still a wrong syntax …

Sorry for wasting your time! It seems that the problem might be in a completely different place.
I used Chrome developer tools to see what’s happening when I click the Switch on the page of Habmin. I see nothing. No errors in the Console but also no requests in the Network.

I have no idea what your are talking about …
Does the Test_Proxy work or not?