IKEA Tradfri Gateway with other Zigbee devices

(TheCrater) #1

I understand that the IKEA Tradfri system uses a standards compliant Zigbee implementation. would it be technically possible to use the Tradfri gateway to control other Zigbee devices such as the Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor, Button and Temperature/Humidity sensors? If yes, is anyone working on implementing this?

IKEA Tradfri without Gateway possible with the new update?
(Jose Luis Godinho Gomes) #2

Hello this is a pertinent question ! Any one may suppor ?

(Joachim Boeddeker) #3

No, it’s not possible. Tradfri Gateway is locked down to only support ikea bulbs. So does Osram with Lightify (and Lightify bulbs).

The only Gateway supporting other brands is the Phillips Hue Bridge. I run Ikea and Lightify bulbs trough it.