IKEA Tradfri without Gateway possible with the new update?


i thinking about start openhab with the ikea tradfri.
However since the new update made it possible to connect the Bulbs with hue and other bridges. i wonder if it is possible to use a Raspberry pi with a Zigbee extension to control the bulbs without buying a Gateway.

In extension to this is it possible to integrate other Zigbee devices into the system without the Ikea Gateway
( only found this unawnsered Question : IKEA Tradfri Gateway with other Zigbee devices )

I know its a Newbie question however i would be very thankful if one can provides an answer to this as i want to save the bucks for the Gateway.

You might try using the Hue Emulation add-in. (In the MISC category, NOT the Hue in the Binding category). Makes OH look like a Hue bridge. That’s how I have my Alexa configured, not going thru myopenhab.

Thank you a lot.

Did you know if there is another add in like this.
As far as I know the IKEA bulbs use zigbee HA and needs to be patched via gateway to support zigbee LL as well which is the only zigbee the hue bridge supports

do not know

Ok thank you.

By the way I search for an in wall dimmer unit to make existing bulbs “smart” I only notice the Busch Jäger dimmer, which is expensive as hell.
Any suggestions where I can search for any zigbee openhab unit?

Where are you physically located ?

Iam located in Germany.

Already thought about using 433mhz dimmer solely for this one device. However I rather want to stay with one standard

You can try Linear HUSBZB-1 zigbee USB stick. It works well with the zigbee binding. But i dont know if it works with Ikea lights.

I’m getting a HUSBZB in a day or two and there is an Ikea 10 minutes away. I’ll let you know…

Did you get the stick and were able to try it out?
I am looking to buy a zigbee stick and this one looks promising.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet…in the next 2-3 days probably.

Thanks for the update. Another thing: I have tried to find a shop that delivers to germany and have not been successful. Where did you get your stick?


Any luck?

Sorry. Swamped with some time-critical work…have not had the chance to test yet.

I use the RaspBee Zigbee shield for RaspberryPi from Dresden Elektronik (35€ @amazon.de). It supports hue, lightify, innr, some chinese no-name products and Tradfri (even without firmware update to older bulps).
It also supports the tradfri motion sensors and remote controls (not the remote dimmer, sorry).

One big difference between the original Tradfri-Gateway and RaspBee: Using Tradfri-Gateway you can pair only one remote control to a bulb. With RaspBee every remote control is a “group” and you can add the bulps to more than one group. So if you need 3 remotes (instead of the wallswitches in a corridor) you can do it (with Tradfri-Gateway its impossible). The groups work even if you shut down the RaspBee (best WAF ever).

Instaling the software is somehow tricky, as graphical envirement is needed for the core component “deConz”. But you can do so remote; I installed it headles, starting deConz via autostart script.

For Tradfri you need an actual beta version of tje software (compile yourself…)

The RaspBee comes with an REST-API simulating an hue bridge with older firmware. It has some restrictions, not every app recognise it (and not all functions). For example the android app “all4hue” recognise bulbs and groups, but not scenes. Alexa recognise bulbs only (you can switch on, off and dimm, but not change colour or colourtemperature via voice). Of course using the web interface you can do all (control bulbs, groups and scenes).

I don’t use openhab now, but I don’t think it should be a problem. Even if it openhab would only recognise bulps, you could define the groups and scenes in openhab itself.

The only problem may occure if you want openhab to simulate an hue bridge itself - two hue bridge emulations on the same IP may not work. So maybe you need two RaspberryPi, one for openhub, one for RaspBee.

Of course a Raspberry Pi with RaspBee is a gateway…


Any word on the HUSBZB?