IKEA Trådfri Gateway

Are we ready for Ikea motorized blinds? https://www.cnet.com/news/tradfri-smart-blinds-by-ikea-fcc-filing-suggests-theyre-coming-soon/

I look forward to it, although I just spent like 600e for 4 window a semi-diy approach.
But it have three other windows I would like to automate

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I am pretty sure the binding is not ready for those blinds :wink: We will have an interesting future with TRADFRI. A lot stuff has been announced: blinds, plugs, speaker.

YES a ok plugs! I am excited about these.

Perhaps in February according to the article


Today i got a couple of plugs and the new on/off switch.
Unfortunately Openhab does not find the new plugs, but it does find the switch.
Is there any news on the binding, or is there anything i can do to help support the plug?

Hi @mtijhoff,

Have a look here:

I also picked up both plugs and switches yesterday, running 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1374 and had no trouble finding and using them.

Works great, a big thank you to all contributors!

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@cybix32 Sounds good. Very nice. Are there any features of the plug missing in the binding which are supported by the TRADFRI App? Or is it only possible to turn on and off?

@cweitkamp No, the plug has only one switch with on/off state.

Thanks, this did the trick.
After the update the plugs came online and i can use them. Great!


Is there a possibility at all to support native groups.
Implementation over OH groups has a realy slow on diming

Hi Slavisa,

Sure. It is possible. A while ago there was a contribution for it but unfortunately the developer stopped working on the feature and until today nobody picked it up and finished the work. It would be very much appreciated if we will find someone to continue working on it.

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I am on my way to get a developer. It’s mean while 15 year I left the developer comunity.
The re-learning curve ist steep. The good thing is I have a lot of free time to spend on it.

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Great news. Do you think about resuming the group implementation? Would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any kind of help.

Sure, I need some time to ramp up, I will come back to you support offer.
I would like to shomemetup a development environment including development HW (TF GW, devices, etc) I do not like to do stuff paralell to the production setup.

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Dear all,

some others and me suffer from frequent connection losses after reboot, see https://community.openhab.org/t/tradfri-binding-loses-connection-after-power-failure-gateway-reboot/47833/37, discussed as well here: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/6065

Is someone able to give us a short comment? Is the issue resolved and just waiting to be part of the next milestone, or somewhere hidden in the ESH framework? We are lost… Thank you!

Dear all,
Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the latest gateway firmware? OH is no longer able to communicate with the gateway!
The Gateway “Thing” says:

I tried restarting OH and the gateway to no avail. I had got used to restarting the gateway every now and then to restore communications but since the update to version 1.8.25 it stopped completely

@thecrater Yes, see here:

Same problem for me.

Did you try entering the security code? That fixed it for me.

Thanks @J-N-K that sort of worked for me. I had it configured in my tradfri.things file but have had to remove it and let OH discover it as a thing and then specify the code otherwise it would not work. Tried clearing the cache and re-entering the code but that did not seem to work.