Im new please help

Hi everyone I am currently new to this and I am planning on getting my whole house and most devices on this platform but I am starting off slow until i understand what i am doing.

Question is I need help getting set up I have a RPI 3 with a screen attached in a control panel in the garage I am currently downloading the latest version of raspbain and getting the control panel power.then ill get up the RPI. first thing i would like to do is connect 2 wemo devices to the network and to openhab and set up schedules for both. Second is i have security cameras i would like to be able to see the cameras on openhab dashboard. I have little experience.

The RPI will run the Openhab software and dashboard. controls will be mostly done over phones and Ipads.

thank you

That’s a very wide plea for help.

It will be a complex project - just go step by step.
So, which step are you stuck at?

Hi Cole ! and welcome to the OpenHAB community. As Rossko says, start slow, read the documentation for the bindings you want to try to use, then post specific questions when you get stuck.
You are going to have to write some simple rules to create a schedule to control your plugs. Start here
link to rule docs
Here is the wemo binding docs link
and for your cameras. check out Matt’s awesome IP camera binding

I’m currently stuck at the configuration. I am at the terminal doing the manual download I want to know every in and out of this program. So what is the mqtt broker, how do I use it, why do I use it and how do I configure it?

Those are questions where forum search and google gives best results. You need to read.

And I’m not convinced that your Rpi handles both jobs as server and dashboard. Better leave it headless and configure your system remotely. And is there a reason you aren’t using openHABian for automated installs?

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Hi @Contact001,

I honestly think you are going for the wrong approach.
If you have the OpenHab installed. First step is really to understand the basic concepts…bindings, things, channels, items etc.
Next, like you announce, you are first will work Wemo devices…so start ONLY with setting up the Wemo binding. Create items and connect them with your channels.
Then you can focus on a view in basic UI, Habpanel or whatever suits you, to control your items.

Step by step as @rossko57 already mentioned.
And in the meantime, if you are stuck at a certain stage, then ask a specific question about your current issue.

E.g. The question about MQTT is irrelevant, since you are not using it…skip it for now

This will be my 50 cents for your startup!

I also started a few months back with openhab.
My suggestion is start with some google search.
Check how the Wemo devices work, google with binding Wemo is using, if everything is supported.
and just configure everything in paperui to start with, make simple items and do the linking.
Go step by step, don’t try to run if you can’t walk.

You will hopefully find a lot useful information in How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial).

No one knows every in and out of openHAB. There are over 300 bindings, each of which supports it’s own unique in and out.

As suggested, you need to focus in one technology and have a basic understanding of how it works. Then you will be better positioned to make that technology work in openHAB. Your questions about MQTT will be answered by even a wikipedia level article on MQTT and MQTT is just one of those 300+ possible technologies that OH supports.

Thank you everyone for the help I have been reading and got the unit online I have downloaded the software I currently go to my IP address in the search bar followed by :8080 and it tells me page is unavailable any ideas? You all are extremely helpful

It says I have 2 ip addresses?? The last number as a / in it

Is openHAB service running? What says you have two ip addresses?

It’s hard to get hold of what you have done and what the problem is. Please better describe your problems and the steps you have done.

Update. So I have read some of the documentation with openHAB it’s a lot more complicated then I thought so I have made some changes. FIRST I switched operating systems I started out with a raspberry pi 3 kept on having connection issues, power issues, and a static ip and something with else had 2 IP addresses not sure how or why so I turned to an old windows vista laptop that I can put in my control panel and it has a battery for power outage. so the system is currently up and running can access it from the browser on any device on the network so moving on. SECOND the wemo devices are connected and working properly with openHAB my FIRST question is the wemo IOS app has rules/timers/on and off times for the switches how do I have the same settings for the wemo switches on openHAB? THIRDLY on my openHAB panel how do I add date/time/weather/calendar/notes/etc? Sorry for the late response and the misunderstanding of the system I will be asking a lot of questions. Iv been doing a lot of work understanding and working on my control panel for the side of the house.

You have to create your own, using openHAB rules. It’s not particularly easy as openHAB does not have well developed scheduler tools.
As with anything, start simple.

One at a time. What are the sources of this data? Decide that and you can work out how to get each into an openHAB Item.

Thank you for the help I’m so new lol where to I write my rules and how do I write them have no coding let alone computer skills

Please review How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial).

To be successful with openHAB you have to be able to read, follow and understand documentation and tutorials. You have to be able to piece together separate tutorials for little parts that solve part of your problem, not end-to-end solutions.

Basic to intermediate computer skills are going to be outside the scope of openHAB. You will need to find these on your own for the most part.

Home automation is hard. It’s complex. And everyone’s home automation is unique.We can’t do it for you. We can help when you run into specific problems. But we will not build it for you. And frankly, asking questions that are clearly in the docs that we spent a lot of time writing is a bit annoying., the section in the Rules doc is even labeled “File Location”.

Rules are placed in the folder $OPENHAB_CONF/rules .

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Yes Grasshopper, keep reading. :smiley:

It is clear by some of your questions you have not read even the most basic things. The people here are very willing to help, but you must demonstrate that you have put in some effort on your own part first.

Go ahead and read those links Rich gave you (multiple times). No, really, take a moment and go read them, :smiley:

Take it slow, piece by piece. Try and remember to have fun along the way (something I personally struggle with)! You may become frustrated (I know I did) but once I got over that initial learning curve (which took me days/weeks of reading, sometimes the same thing multiple times, and making some mistakes and going down the wrong path(s)) it was very rewarding and I felt (and still feel) like there is pretty much nothing than cannot be tied in to this system I have created with openHAB. In other words, the payoff is very worth the effort. Stick with it!

We will still be here for you when you get stuck. :wink: