Implementation Door Station (http?)

my door station (wantec monolith) can send a http command when someone presses the bell-button…
with that feature i should be able to implement the station in my openHAB setup, right?
but i have absolutely no idea where to begin… is the http binding the right place to start or am i missing something?

If it can send http request, you should be able to use a simple switch item and send commands to it from your station using the REST API:


your link points to but that address reroutes to and there i can’t find anything regarding REST API…

The best thing to do is install the REST Documentation through PaperUI in the Misc tab. This provides a complete and interactive set of documentation of the REST API.

But be aware that the setting/updating of an Item’s state requires a PUT or POST command, not a GET.

i’m back from my holidays and so i’m back with my problem…
i installed the REST documentation and i was able to generate a POST command.

But i don’t want to set / update an item’s state from openHAB…
What i need:

  1. Button on door station is pressed > 2) Door Station sends Http Command > 3) openHAB recognises the http Command

Is the REST API really the solution for my problem? Post command doesn’t do the trick, am i looking in the wrong section of the documentation?


Like I said, though not as clearly as I could have:

  • PUT - update Item’s state
  • POST - send command to Item

Since you just want to update the state of the Item based on the button press, you want to use PUT.

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i went to the REST API Documentation again > section items > put (state) and there i entered my item and the state “ON”:

so what http-command should the doorbell send to openHAB?
http://openhabianpi:8080/rest/items/Torklingel/state just tells me the state - but i the doorbell to set the state, not get the state.

You need to issue an HTTP PUT command with the body of “ON” and a content type of “text/plain”.

If you are just getting the state back you are issuing an HTTP GET, not a PUT.

but i’m in the PUT section (see screenshot), right? where - if not there - can i get the right HTTP PUT Command?
i hope it’s not the curl command? tried that already and doesn’t work (probably because the door station doesn’t support this).

There are several HTTP commands that can be sent. This is part of the HTTP protocol. They are all different and they all go to the same URL.

In the curl command the -X PUT is what tells curl to issue an HTTP PUT command. By default, (i.e. without that argument) it will use a GET.

You need to have your weather station send an HTTP PUT command. If you don’t have that option on the weather station then it will only send a GET command and the REST API approach will not work.

The solution is very simple. It works for our Wantec Monolith IP here.
The Wantec can only call/send http, that is like entering the lines to the browser. So you can test it using the browser instead of walking to the door and push the button.

If you use Openhab 1 then the Wantec entry is:

If you use Openhab 2:
(Classic UI installation required)

This is the host and port of the device OH is running on.
The BasicUI should provide the servlet, too, but I don’t know the path.

But please don’t forget that openhab was NOT made to use it in this way. This is not an official feature.

You should define an item accordingly before.

The Wantec Monolith IP Phone cannot send or use any of the programs PHP, curl, wget from the line offered by the browser UI…
Another possibility to bring the Wantec to openhab is using one of the relays. But you would have to buy some hardware to read out the relays and some more cable to the door.
(Would be great if you could post your solution also to the KNX user forum)

alright! after installing classic UI on openHAB 2.1.0 it worked!
Thank you very much everybody!

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sorry for the stupid question, but I’m very new in OpenHAB and I have the same issue to integrate a door opener relay over http. Only one http command I can send to the door station
and I wand to integrate in my openhab a switch to open the door.
My problem is that I don’t know how to integrate it in openhab.
Which binding I need? http-binding was used by the solution from Peter?
Must I create an thing and whitch one?
Which item must I create and where to integrate the command?

Sorry for the stupid questions, bur I saw this blog and this could solve my problem. Sorry, I’m totally beginner…

Thanks a lot!

Just to add it here for possible migration from OH2 to 3.
OH 3 has no classic UI anymore.
However receiving the command is working also using Basic UI in OH3:
(Basic UI installation required)

Another way maybe using httplistener:


I am using http listener exactly for listening webhooks from door station.