Indoor camera recommendation


I need a recommendation for an indoor ip camera, with nightvision and a snapshot channel.
Would be great if it works with the ipcamera binding.

I tested a tapo c110, but there is no nativ snapshot channel only via ffmpeg (i’m to stupid to get it work)

Also the price should be lower than 50€ and available in Europe (Austria).

My usecase for the camera is to take a picture if my 3d printer is finished and send it via pushover.
At the moment i use a raspberry camera but the resolution sucks… and there is no nightvision…

Thx for all recommendations

It would be a good oppertunity for someone to sell you an old model and upgrade theirs to get a newer picture. Old cams do wear out the mechanism that moves an IR filter back and forth when night vision changes, so weigh that up in price savings. Suggest posting what country your in. Someone may also want to upgrade because newer cameras have built in object detection and their does not and is still new.

See this post for differences between cameras in a vendor neutral way. I keep it updated as it’s generic advice and a lot of forum post link to this one post.

Hey @Vradatta ,

I used the Yii cams for the last times. Here are 4 cams for 64€ (German):Überwachungskamera-Bewegungsmelder-Nachtsicht-Speicherung/dp/B075XLTFNX?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 (include night vision and there are also snapshot channels)
Furthermore, I created a How-To in my personal blog (also German): Outdoor Cam – Chicken Pi - 360°Friends because a flashed the cam with this firmware to get full control on the cam: GitHub - roleoroleo/yi-hack-Allwinner-v2: Custom firmware for Yi 1080p camera based on Allwinner platform


Hmm it seems like the YI cameras are not available via Amazon (at least not in Austria).

But they sound very interesting, especially with the custom firmware.