Inenten Door Sensor - Battery Level?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using the Insteon HUB and PLM bindings for over a year and really enjoying it. I picked up some of the [hidden door sensors](http://insteon door sensor) (plunger ones) and they work, except I cannot get the battery level from the device. It always appears in my sitemap as %0.0

For what it’s worth, I can successfully get the open/close state and from my battery level from my Insteon Motion Sensors.

Here’s my item definition:

Number DoorBasementSensorBattery "Basement Door battery level [%.1f]" (grpBattery, grpBasement) {insteonplm="32.9E.8B:0x00004A#data,field=battery_level"}

And my sitemap:
Text item=DoorBasementSensorBattery icon="battery" label="Battery [%.1f%%]"

I was referring to the binding defined here and the documentation shows that the battery level item should be defined as:
Number doorSensorBatteryLevel "Door sensor battery level [%.1f]" insteonplm="xx.xx.xx:F00.00.03#data,field=battery_level"}

Thanks in advance for the feedback & help!

You will probably want to look at this topic. I had similar misconceptions about what the different sensors would do and made the same assumptions you have. I was using the other open close (reed sensor vs. plunger sensor) but the situation is probably the same. In attached links in the discussion I link to above you will find the .xml file that defines what the binding knows about the different insteon devices.

Another way you can probably find out some of this is to look in your openhab.log (depending on how/when you installed it may be in different places but mine is located: /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log). When you specify a capability that an items does NOT have, the binding logs the known capability - note this only happens at start up. This example below is for an 8 button keypad dimmer that I have referenced as having a “dimmer” capability that apparently is not in the list:

:2016-12-30 16:52:47.848 [ERROR] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - item dm8TopStairs references unknown feature: dimmer, item disabled! Known features for F00.00.16 are: fastonoff, keypadbuttonB, keypadbuttonC, keypadbuttonD, keypadbuttonE, keypadbuttonF, keypadbuttonG, keypadbuttonH, lastheardfrom, loaddimmer, manualchange, rampdimmer.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bruce for the response, and that XML definition file was very helpful. I’m going to see what’s returned in the ‘data’ field from the F00.00.03 product key corresponding to this sensor.

Appreciate the info too re: the log file. I didn’t even think to check there!



Sorted out my issue… and like most things in openhab it was so simple :expressionless:

instead of:

Number DoorBasementSensorBattery “Basement Door battery level [%.1f]” (grpBattery, grpBasement) {insteonplm=“32.9E.8B:0x00004A#data,field=battery_level”}

…it should be

Number DoorBasementSensorBattery “Basement Door battery level [%.1f]” (grpBattery, grpBasement) {insteonplm=“32.9E.8B:F00.00.03#data,field=battery_level”}

I wouldn’t have caught this without that XML reference, so thanks again Bruce for the reply.

Oh wow … Ok … cool. Yea if that “0x00004A” part had been on screen I might have questioned it … but not sure. Anyway glad you found your problem and the sensor provides what you are looking for!

Happy Automating!