Installation of openHAB 3.4.4 without automatic upgrade to 4.0.4 (Raspberry Pi) - how to?

How can I do an installation of 3.4.4 without automatically upgrading to 4.0.4?
When I flash and start the openhabian-pi-raspios32-202212201337-gitb2e396e-crc9e18ad69.img.xz it is always automatically upgraded to 4.0.4…

I need a clean installation of 3.4.4 so that I can import my backup (and later upgrade to 4.0.4).
My previous installation failed during apt-get upgrade. :frowning:

Can’t you do the installation. Then downgrade to finally upgrade ?

What about blocking access to internet so that the openhab software cannot be installed ?


At least for me the “RTFM” solution is not working

But based on your answer on my topic and your answer on this topic I’m not expecting any helpful response

Based on your unnecessary (and unhelpful) answer on this topic and your violation of forum rules in your own topic it seems you’re not appreciating the free contributions and support you’re getting here nor respecting the volunteers that provide it. Speaking as a moderator both times.

I have tried to proceed according to manual and used menu item 42, but I get the following error message.

openHAB is already installed on your system!
Canceling migration, returning to menu.

I’m probably doing something wrong.

I have already tried exactly that. However, Openhabian then tries to connect via a WLAN hotspot and keeps restarting.

Many thanks for the link ;-).

I tried this directly after the initial installation via menu item 42 but received the following error message.
openHAB is already installed on your system!
Canceling migration, returning to menu.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I then did the downgrade outside of openhabian as follows.

sudo apt remove openhab
sudo apt install openhab=3.4.4-1

After that I went to restore my backup and got another error, but I can’t continue.
Restore needs a valid backup file to continue.

I had created this backup with my previous installation. In the past I was able to successfully create a restore with it (before OH 4.0.4. was initially installed automatically).
Because I was not quite sure which version I had (3.4.4-1, 3.4.4-2, 3.4.4-3 or 3.4.4-4), I tried the restore again after uninstalling OH and reinstalling OH of the respective version with the same result.

I had a small error in the restore command. I had written a subfolder incorrectly.
After I found this error and corrected it, the restore ran successfully.

My problem is now solved. :slight_smile:

But I still don’t understand how I should have downgraded via openhabian.

You shouldn’t have. The docs tell how to do a fresh full OS install of openHABian with OH3.
Then import your OH3 config and finally perform the upgrade to OH4 via openhabian-config.

that is what I meant

As previously written, I tried to follow the instructions and use menu item 42, but I received the following error message.

openHAB is already installed on your system!
Cancel the migration, back to the menu.

I think he is referring to openHABian | openHAB ( clonebranch=openHAB3 ) which should install OH3 in the initial setup without further need to downgrade.

You’re right, I had overlooked this section and hadn’t tried it.

Sorry @mstormi and thanks to all for your support.

it’s right the section where my link points to so how can it be overlooked :roll_eyes:

You’re welcome.

At the end I had to reactivate the autostart.

sudo systemctl enable openhab.service

Now I have also tried this.
clonebranch=openHAB3 is set by default in the openhabian.conf!
But the upgrade to openHAB4 is still installed automatically.
However, the environment does not work afterwards because Java17 is missing.

Try again now, please.

Allow me to ask you: Why?
Do you expect a different result if I try the same thing again?

mstormi did a fix for the behavior.

So I can flash the openhabian-pi-raspios32-202212201337-gitb2e396e-crc9e18ad69.img.xz again and the expect result is that the automatic upgrade to openHAB4 will be not install?