Insteon HUB modem database download unsuccessful

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After my last restart, I am constantly seeing the error: “modem database download unsuccessful, restarting!”
I am running OH 2.5.5-1 (Release build). I am also using the new Insteon binding. This was a fresh install after the new Insteon binding was released (no insteon-plm binding on the system). This setup worked for the last month or so with no problems until yesterday when I restarted openhab2.
Hardware - RPI4
Insteon HUB (2245-222)
About 48 Insteon devices.
I read the other posts, which seem to be around the PLM and the PLM binding. I did try raising the Modem DB Retry Timeout up from the default to 180, then 300 and finally 600 seconds. None of that worked.
Do you have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or resolve this problem?
After the problem started, I tried upgrading to the latest release (2.5.5-1). I ensured the OS patches were up to date. I even rebooted the RPI to ensure there was nothing holding things up on the device. No luck. Ideas?

The hub has a PLM inside of it, and the older ones contained capacitors that fail. It can be repaired using basic soldering skills. If you google for “Insteon hub repair” or “Insteon PLM repair”, you should find all sorts of info. I think Insteon might replace them as well, if you have the proper documentation:

Hi Rob

First thanks for all the efforts that you and your friends put in making this add-on so successful.

I’m having the same issue, getting the same warning, however, I see partial list of devices and I’m also able to control them through OH, are you sure this error is caused by bad capacitors ?

I’ve also tried HA, In this case all of the devices are fetched up, but I couldn’t not control them.

My setup is pretty big, I have more than 128 devices, using the new Insteon app (Beta) I’m able to control all of them and very fast.

One thing that I’ve found is that the modem DB retry timeout has no effect, even though I increased it to the maximum, I can still see in the debug log that the fail occurs every 2 min:

2020-05-30 18:42:56.382 [WARN ] [steon.internal.device.ModemDBBuilder] - modem database download unsuccessful, restarting!

2020-05-30 18:42:56.384 [DEBUG] [binding.insteon.internal.driver.Port] - clearing modem db!

2020-05-30 18:44:56.389 [WARN ] [steon.internal.device.ModemDBBuilder] - modem database download unsuccessful, restarting!

Since I’ve invested so much in Insteon (as mentioned, hundreds of devices), I would like to know if replacing the hub with plm modem (which one? usb? serial?) will solve many of these issues ?

thanks again :pray:

Hi Oz,

The modem database download code has been refactored, and the modem DB retry logic has been removed. Can you try installing 2.5.6-SNAPSHOT and see how it works?


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Thanks for prompt response !

I’ll give it a try and let you know


Your welcome, let me know how it goes.

Seems like the problem is solved, I can see all of my devices listed in the inbox.
Thank you so much for the support

Now I just have to see how I can make the open/close 2444-222 modules to control my blinds and I can start automate my house :slight_smile:

thanks !!

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I’m back to trying to figure this out again. Why do I constantly get these messages:
2020-07-31 19:44:39.118 [WARN ] [steon.internal.device.ModemDBBuilder] - Modem database download was unsuccessful, restarting!

2020-07-31 19:47:01.323 [WARN ] [steon.internal.device.ModemDBBuilder] - Modem database download was unsuccessful, restarting!

I have upgraded to 2.5.7-1.
Have searched the community sites and tried changing my port configuration to: /hub2/{user}:{pw}@{addr}:{port},modemDbRetryTimeoutSeconds=300
in order to extend the database read timeout, but that hasn’t helped. I am hard pressed to believe my hub is failing since I can control things through the Insteon App and also through OpenHab. So what can I do to help resolve this?

Please turn on debug logging and share it with me. The code was refactored a couple of releases ago and read timeout parameter has been removed. It now errors out if it hasn’t received a message in 30 seconds. From what you’ve provided, it looks like you are still running a older binding.

After turning on debug and seeing that the debug created was way to large to post, I did some more digging. I started up Insteon Terminal and it also couldn’t get the database. Started analyzing my setup and network and found a couple of problems.
1 - I had a device that wouldn’t respond even to the Insteon App. I removed the device (thankfully it was a plugin module).
2 - Turns out I still had an Openhab lab setup plugged into my network, so I had an extra system requesting information. I shut it down.

After that, I restarted my main system and low and behold, my modem database download issue seems to have gone away.

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This will definitely cause problems.