Insteon (the company) is dead... can the hub be redirected?

Where do I type that command?

And as I said in a prior note, the hub is no longer picking up a dynamic IP and is set at

Using the openhab UI, go to settings->things and press the + button in the lower right hand corner. Then select Insteon Binding->Insteon Network. You should see this page:

Port is where you enter the /hub2/… from above. As for IP address, I have no idea why it’s using a private ip address instead of a dynamic one from your router.

I have always just used the ISY hub. It is not cloud based, so I keep it all localized… it is some-what agnostic so you can other things other than Insteon in your home (I have a zwave door lock). So Insteon going under hasnt affected me. Other than I will have to find a new supplier for my hardware.

If I can’t get the insteon hub on my subnet, none of this is going to work.

Progress. What do I do next?

Now that I see 39 Things in my Inbox, how do I know what switch, outlet, Fanlinc, etc. each device is?



You’ll need to look at each switch, outlet, etc to get the address off of the device. It’s a hexadecimal number in the format Then find the thing in the inbox with the same hexadecimal numbers without the ‘.’ and assign the appropriate product key and then press the “Create Thing” button. After that, the device should go online and the associated channels for the type will be created. Then you can link an item to the channel.

If you haven’t already, you should read through the concepts overview

Do you have to use any additional hardware? I only have the hub and all of my switches

No, that’s all you need.

Cant figure it out, any suggestions?

Read through the previous responses, that will hopefully help

More on this Insteon blackout. Seems like a bunch of execs have removed it from their LinkedIn profiles.

Pretty crazy if this is how Insteon ends.

Folks who are here to find a solution: we’re more than happy to help you get started, but you may need to step back to understand what openHAB is and how it works. I can appreciate your frustration right now, but this isn’t an instant, plug-and-play fix for your Insteon systems. If you come at it that way, you’ll be in for a lot more frustration. Think of it more as a new automation system that is able to make use of your old Insteon gear (and a whole lot more).


Noticed the red light and couldn’t login with the Insteon app. I’m using HomeBridge (HomeKit) and checked most of my Insteon devices, and all except my motion detector are working OK.

Not sure how long this will last, but restarted HomeBridge twice, once for an update to HomeBridge main interface, and once to fix an incorrect Insteon address for the motion detector, and all seems to be working just fine (except for the motion detector).

I didn’t test my leak detector, mainly because my wife freaks when she gets the “Leak” warning on her iPhone.

Aartech in Toronto who were the sole Insteon distributor in Canada posted a help link on the Insteon info page:

If this is truly a case of the company abandoning users overnight, rather than a case of server meltdown just before a long weekend, then I imagine that a class action lawsuit might be in order. Especially as they were still selling hardware through dealers almost up until the end. And the Nokia system that they seem to be replacing Insteon with looks to be vapourware so far.

Glad OpenHab exists, should be nice and fun and work with alexa/google. Hopefully you haven’t factory reset your Insteon hub, because then you’ll have to go back and re-add all of your devices by their ID’s (this means pulling out all of the light switches and reading the labels, fun right :)? Read more about how people did that by viewing previous posts.

On another note, a lot of the older Insteon hubs (who knows if they’re still selling defective ones) had problems where they would stop working (the company would send you a free replacement, but now that they’re out of business, they won’t be), supposedly something to do with a bad capacitor - but more likely a design issue that causes the capacitor to blow. It hasn’t been researched enough. So what i’m saying is, if you have an older hub, you may want to get a new one if you have a lot of Insteon devices so it doesn’t randomly stop working. You may also not want to invest in other gear as you might not be able to get replacements for it when it breaks anymore. Now that Insteon servers are shut down, and trust me, they’re not coming back, you’ll probably want to use OpenHAB, even though there are other options, this is the most logical, free option.

From the research that i’ve done, the Smarthome/Insteon CEO, CIO, and COO have all removed Smarthome and Insteon companies from their LinkedIn profiles. They are likely trying to avoid bad PR for just turning the lights out on all of their loyal customers without any warning. Also, if you google “Insteon,” it says, “insteon was a technology company,” past tense… This is a complete slap in the face to anyone who has even a couple of Insteon devices. Some people have over 30 devices, imagine how they feel. The president (Rob Lilleness) who owns Insteon is now investing his time and money into a new company called Nokia Smart Lighting by Smarthome, trying to hide his past with what he did to his loyal customers at Insteon. Read more about that by clicking here. I’m sure none of us will be buying any of those products after what he did with Insteon…

I see that OpenHab has some sort of Alexa integration so hopefully nothing will change for me (except non-local, away from home control, which sucks, but is not the end of the world). If anyone has already gone ahead and set up their Insteon Hub with OpenHab, could you please share in detail all of the information needed, I’ve seen some scrambled posts above but a comprehensive guide would be really good. We are a community and we can all help eachother. If no one makes one, I will eventually get to making one. I am especially ready to work on the alexa integration, i’m sure openhab also has google home assistant integration, so maybe someone can create a guide for that too. It’s probably not all that hard, but it’d be nice to hear from someone who has done it before.

Here’s a thanks to the helpful community we have here at openhab, and a big fuck you to smarthome/insteon for leaving all of its faithful customers in the dark!

Can you show me the cod efor setting up a 2477D dimmer switch? With the example of one I can figure out the rest.

It’s the first on in the list of product keys: F00.00.01 put this in the Product Key field:

If you haven’t previously documented the device id’s of the Insteon devices, you’ll need to get the device id off of the device so you know where it’s located and maybe the device type. If you don’t have many devices and don’t know it’s device ID, you can configure one with a device type and then see which one is controlled after it’s set up in openHAB.

Before jumping in and trying to set up the insteon binding, my recommendation is to first understand how openHab works.


Here’s a complete example with a config files instead of the UI. It shows a lamp and a 3-way switches for the kitchen table dimmer.

insteon.things file:

Bridge insteon:network:home       "Insteon Network" [port="/dev/ttyUSB0"] {
  Thing device 21F504             "Kitchen Lamp"    [address="21.F5.04", productKey="F00.00.13"]
  Thing device 239F26             "Kitchen Table 2" [address="23.9F.26", productKey="F00.00.11"] {
      Type dimmer : dimmer                          [related="23.9F.D0"]
  Thing device 239FD0             "Kitchen Table"   [address="23.9F.D0", productKey="F00.00.11"] {
      Type dimmer : dimmer                          [related="23.9F.26"]


Dimmer mKitchenTable  "Kitchen Table"   (mKitchen) ["WallSwitch"]  {channel="insteon:device:home:239FD0:dimmer", ga="Light"}
Dimmer mKitchenTable2 "Kitchen Table 2"                            {channel="insteon:device:home:239F26:dimmer"}
Dimmer mKitchenSink   "Kitchen Sink"    (mKitchen) ["WallSwitch"]  {channel="insteon:device:home:239E43:dimmer", ga="Light"}

Wow - that totally unprofessional… Seems they could have had some good will and drawn some customer base with a little innovation… I am very suprised they have just turned off the lights…
Not the guy I want running my company, leaving all that good will on the table.

Rob –

I am using the GUI interface, not the command line/file based interface. Once I have a Thing, Channel & Item defined, where do I go to actually control the device?

I have tried using the OpenHAB phone app for my Samsung and it will not authenticate with the server. Not sure why. I have reset the username & password at the server and at the phone app but no luck. Is the phone app the only way to remotely control devices?

Thanks so much for your help,