Insteon (the company) is dead... can the hub be redirected?

If, like me, your Insteon network is connected via the Hub, you will have now realized that the Insteon servers have gone dark today (April 14, 2022) and that the Hub now has a permanent red LED.

OH3 is still able to talk to my devices via the binding on the local network, so not every is lost. I was wondering if there would be a way to hack the hub to prevent it from trying to go out to the AWS Insteon servers and instead only work locally.



Are you sure it’s dead, or are the servers just down?

That’s what I was wondering, too. I don’t see any news about the service going dark, and it would be surprising if that didn’t get any coverage.

My Insteon network has stopped twice in the last few days after being solid for years. Also a red light here.

Same here. I tried to activate a scene via Alexa and it said it couldn’t activate the device. The hub now has a red LED and my Insteon app fails to log in.

Tried the diag mode on the hub and just beeped several times. Still stuck on the red LED. I sure hope they didn’t shut down the network.

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Same here…(all) smarthome/insteon servers down. Some chatter about Nokia be involved with smarthome, but this is unverified. Also, one extraneous comment that Vera was compatible or pondering being compatible with insteon…again not verified so far.

Morning here. Situation has not changed.

There are now many reports of all things Insteon going dark including the discussion board.

There are many discussions happening on r/Insteon on Reddit.

Ever since my Hub had started to act up, I had decided to try to source a new PLM. My normal supplier (Aartech in Toronto) had been out of stock for months, and I had assumed this was a supply chain issue. Guess I’m out of luck.

At least, OH and the Insteon binding keep going. All my normal night time automation rules worked fine last night so I’m crossing my fingers that this will continue. I still have to make due with 1 or 2 failure to communicate with the hub every month but I now have automated the rebooting and reconnecting of the device (with the help of a Zwave On/Off module between the hub and the power line and some nice scripting).

Too bad. The Insteon technology had been otherwise rock solid and the one with the highest WAF around.

Also read that the Insteon patent is due to lapse in 2 years so maybe somebody else will revive the tech one day.

My is dead too. I’ve tried to reset it to no avail. All the phone numbers for Insteon are disconnected as well. What can we do?

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My Hub also has the steady red light and I can no longer login to my account. I have a lot of insteon products and hope there is a solution. :hot_face: I tried to set up a new account which failed. Reinstalled the App and the bar code on the back of the HUB is no longer recognized.


I was curious what’s going on. I don’t have any Insteon stuff but with a company like this it’s always interesting to observe and plan for the future when something I do use goes under.

Anyway, I strongly recommend everyone monitor other sites in addition to openHAB for work arounds and other advice. There are lots of home automation forums out there and no one (as far as I can tell) is doing much to try and consolidate the wisdom of the crowds.

The most ironic thing about all of this is that the very first return when I searched for “Insteaon news” was a blog post from them entitled “Keeping the Lights On”. Unfortunately there’s no date on it and the posting is kind of vague. They could be talking about the COVID lockdown, change in company leadership, or the current outages.

Good luck everyone!


Just weighing in. My experience the same: red light on hub, unable to access account via the app, all Insteon forums dark, all support numbers disconnected.

Hope to hear something, one way or another, soon. Right now my house is stupid :sob:

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Same here. Solid red light. Tried all the troubleshooting steps. Called all the Insteon phone numbers. Tried to go to community forum. Dead. Dead. Dead. I’m screwed.

You should be able to do everything that you were doing with insteon app plus much more with openHAB. If you need to configure your devices, you can use insteon terminal

What is Insteon terminal communicating with? My hub? Each device directly? What device do I run the terminal on? A pc? My phone? Where can I find documentation for this?


You shouldn’t need to use insteon terminal unless you need to add/remove existing devices. See Need to Replace Insteon HUB with Open HAB - Need Consultation Services please! with my comments on how to use insteon with openHAB.

Once I have OpenHAB installed on a PC, will that restore my ability to control my devices from the Insteon app?

Following. I’m not a tech guy and Insteon was an easy install. With my hub down, I have no idea how to access several inline switches that were on sunset/sunrise routines. How does “OpenHAB” allow me to access the inline switches? Thank you in advance for the help. Every outlet/switch in our house is Insteon. BTW, I tried calling the toll-free and local 949 numbers for Smart Home and both are disconnected.

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Rob-I have Java and OpenHAB installed and running, using Java 11. I have added the Insteon binding. How do I configure the Bridge? I have a 2245 bridge. It is asking for the following information:
Device Poll Interval
Additional Devices
Additional Features

I have tried using the INSTEON ID and the full MAC address as identified on the bottom of the hub. Neither seems to work. I know the port # from the bottom of the hub. However, I look in my router and I see that the Insteon Hub is not getting an IP address ( I have tried multiple times to have it reset its network settings, but no success. Not sure what to do from here…

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Nothing much to add I’m afraid. Like other posters my hub went to solid red status about 24 hours ago (4/14/22 PM). I discovered it when I asked Alexa to turn a scene on. I tried all the troubleshooting tips, even a factory reset. I was sure it was me or my device. GRRRRRR. I have over 50 Insteon outlets, switches & sensors plus triggered events and scenes. Now I’m turning lights on 1 at a time unless I linked them. I also read about Nokia, but their website shows what may be a hub like controller isn’t even available yet. Some Google searches say Nokia probably won’t control Insteon devices initially either. I emailed them for grins, but I’m not optimistic. Really disappointed in this noncommunicated black out / shut down. Does anyone consider the customer anymore?? I’d even pay a monthly fee (the new norm) if that were an option. Yes, hoping someone far smarter than me will provide a solution and instructions that a lay person can implement. Bumbed in Baltimore :frowning:

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