Need to Replace Insteon HUB with Open HAB - Need Consultation Services please!


I have an Insteon HUB that controls the lighting system of my home.
It just became in operable today presumably because Insteon no longer seems to be operational.
It looks like setting up openHAB may be the best route to continue to use my Insteon Switches, and interfaces
I am a bit daunted by the process though.
I am somewhat savy and have a 22 year old son who is as well.
I am interested in finding someone asap who can consult with my on the process and walk us through.
I have begun reading through all of the info here but am a bit overwhelmed.
Any takers???

Thank you so much!

  • Platform information:
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    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version:
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  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
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    • Services configuration related to the issue
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Install Openhab (see Getting Started - Introduction | openHAB) , and then add the Insteon binding (see Insteon - Bindings | openHAB). When configuring the insteon binding, use the /hub2/ example for the port. If you configured it correctly, the binding will discover your insteon devices and add them to the inbox.

This assumes you have the newer 2245-222 hub, if you have the legacy 2242-222 hub, use the /hub/ example instead

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Thanks Rob, helpful links. I’m a newbie here, but interested in finding a solution to the Insteon debacle.

I got my Insteon Hub 2245 discovered with a status of online. My 16 Insteon devices (wall switches, dimmers, etc) show up as Things but with a status **uninitialized". I thought the hub would provide the initialization detail for the Things after I adopted them from the inbox. I need a pointer for next steps to try from here.

Thanks in advance.

What else shows up on the page? At a minimum, you need to configure the product key.

All the Things the came over from the hub look similar. I only have the UID, label, and address. I could set the productKey, but I don’t know what device is at each address listed. Should more config have come over with the adoption of the device? Or do I need to inspect each device physically to determine the productKey?

If you already don’t know, you will need to inspect each device to determine not only the model but also it’s location in your house.

I was hoping to avoid that given the devices are mostly wall switches, but I have a couple of other devices (plugs and motion detectors) that I’ve gotten on-line. Thanks for the help.

If you don’t want to get the exact model’s of the switch, just pick one of them from the list and it should work.

I have a mix of switch and device types and I have no idea from the OpenHAB Things list which device is at which logical address (or physical location).

Sounds like you’ll need to remove the faceplates and look at the device address and model on each device.

Jason - were you able to config your insteon hub with openhab after the insteon server shutdown? I have not been able to move past either an “initializing” or “unknown” status - wonder how your config differs.

After taking Rob’s advice to inspect the devices to determine their addresses in my house, I have a the hub and few devices devices in the “on-line” state in OpenHab. I haven’t found a quick sanity test to see if they’re controllable though (or least not one that successfully turned on and off the device). That’s my next step.

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Got it, Thank you. I could not get my hub online but did get some devicess to show online status. I made a “schedule” to turn a power module off at a specific time - then commenced “run now” to test. My hub’s a problem.