InsteonPLM support for 2477SA1 Insteon Load Controller Relay

I bought the 2477SA1 without first checking if the binding supported it and once I looked at the wiki page I noticed it doesn’t have a mention for this devices. I was wondering if anyone has gotten it working and if not if someone can guide me on how I can add support for this devices?

As an alternative I think I could potentially link it with a switch and use Openhab to control the switch, then the switch would control the Load Controller.

Pretend it’s a 2477S (SwitchLinc Switch) with product key F00.00.02 and see how far you get. The commands for ON and OFF are standard across almost all insteon devices. Please let us know how you fare.

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Setting it as device type F00.00.02 works perfect, it does take longer then a regular switch to report it’s status maybe 3-4 mins but that’s minor and I’m assuming it’s a limitation of the device not the binding.

Thanks for the help!

Thank you for providing feedback, I will add this device to our database.

Your slow status updates most likely are due to the fact that you have not linked the modem as a responder, but just as a controller to the device. Then the status update happens on the next poll, which by default is about every 5 mins.

You are correct, I paired it in both directions for my hub and it’s much faster polling now. I wrongly assumed when I pair with the app it pairs in two directions. Thanks again!

BTW, The log file will also tell you how the PLM is linked with the devices

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To be completely precise: the polling isn’t faster, but rather the modem now gets notified via a message whenever the device updates.

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Tried to add it to the openhab tree, but I can no longer build it. Everything is moving now to OH2, so they 1.9 build tree is broken. You can no longer do “mvn clean install” in there. Total mess IHO, but makes sense to get people to stop developing for OH1. I’m totally mad about it because this buries my hopes that OH will actually become a useful system. After sinking so much time into this, I have pretty much decided to ditch the whole thing. I’m finished with OH.

If somebody could be so kind to add this entry to the “device_types.xml” in the “resources” directory of the insteonplm binding, and submit a PR for it. I added it to the wiki page already:

<device productKey="F00.00.1F">
     <description>220V 30-amp Load Controller N/O</description>
     <feature name="switch">GenericSwitch</feature>
     <feature name="fastonoff">FastOnOff</feature>
     <feature name="lastheardfrom">GenericLastTime</feature>

@Bernd_Pfrommer I basically feel the same way.

I’ve created the PR #4376.

This is off topic of this conversation but I really hope that things will change to make you guys stay around, projects like these are doomed to failure without strong support from a few key individuals. I’m new (a few months) to OH and the community so I can’t really give an educated opinion, I also haven’t ventured into OH2 yet. From what I’ve seen of the alternative there isn’t much out there that’s as custom and just works.

What other platforms/software is there out there that’s as good?