Integration of WiFi camera


I have a very simple and cheap camera and want to know if its possible to integrate it to openhab. On my iOS device I have an app called Doby to have a look at the live camera picture.

The camera looks like this:

I also tried this binding - IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding - and all of its integrated options but nothing worked.

Has anyone an idea for this?


Hi Matthias,

my way to integrate my ip-cams is to use motion / motioneye:


Thanks for the quick reply. I will try this the next days.

Does the camera support ONVIF??

No, I don‘t think so but I don‘t know to 100%.

The problem is that I have no other option except the app to see the camera stream. Also http is not working.

Maybe the mentioned way before is not working?!

You can try using the ONVIF Device Manager to scan your network to see if it’s outputting an ONVIF stream.

Otherwise you may need to sniff your network and see what the camera is sending back out to the cloud.


The tool was not working for me, so I think the camera does not support ONVIF. I tried to figure something out with Wireshark but for the IP of the camera nothing is happen in Wireshark. It is really strange.

I can try the other option from the first reply. Maybe this can help.

Hmm I think that this will not wor because I can not access the camera from a webinterface…

so how do you get access to the cam actually?

Just with this app:

Doby - Smart Camera von Remote Desktop From iOS Appstore