Intercom integration (doorbell, video/audio)


since i started with openHAB2 im wondering if there is any posibility to integrate an/any Intercom solution which would be installed at the main Door including Doorbell,Video and Audio communication into openHAB?

thanks in advance for any tips/hints

I’m interested in this as well.

Can’t we hack something together with a Raspberry Pi?

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Actually I’m running a Raspberry with on it. It connects to my FritzBox as SIP Client and calls my phone whenever someone rings my door bell.

For video I’m running on the same Raspberry, which streams the video signal of a connected USB cam as http stream and can be shown in any browser.

There’s also an app for Android which also acts as a SIP client but additionally can show the video stream (

It’s a nice solution but I’m not 100% happy with it. I’d love to have a more direct integration to openHab, which runs on the same Raspberry. Currently I’m experimenting with the PiFace binding one can find here in the board. My doorpi is using a PiFace, so I could at least receive the ring-events directly in openHab or trigger the door opener via rule.

Also a direct video stream functinality for the connected USB cam (or an IP cam) would be great, especially if the openHab internal http server could provide the stream so that one only needs to open one port in the firewall. This solution would also feel more mature and setup could be less fiddling.

But I’m only sharing my thoughts, reality is far behind :wink:


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Any updates on setting up Intercom(doorbell, video/audio) with openhab ?


Hello, i am also searching for a solution with audio. Cam, Button, Openhab, Bell is no Problem but how to deal with audio?

Please see my little tutorial howto integrate doorPi into openHAB.

The missing widget for HABpanel is work in progress by another community member.

very interesting…I have a xiaomi wireless switch for a doorbell and using rules it plays sound at my xiaomi gateway,i can set to turn on lights ,send email with photo to me and my wife and set DND timers .I use an ip cam in HabPanel to see my doors and open them using raspberry’s gpio driving 2 relays.The only thing missing is an audio intercom system so i can hear and speak to my visitor.I am an electrical engineer with very basic linux skills so i am looking an easy solution.