Invalid meter type 17 warning

One of my switch modules is giving me a new warning in the log file:

2019-12-30 17:55:44.221 [WARN ] [.commandclass.ZWaveMeterCommandClass] - NODE 52: Invalid meter type 17

Anything I should be worried about? Any actions to take?

Who knows - maybe it depends on your mystery meter model?

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Or mystery openHAB version.

Latest 2.5 stable version of OpenHAB. Just basic light controls, no power metering set up. All on a Raspberry Pi 3B with the latest stable Raspbian OS using a z-stick. Node 52 is a TKB UK z-wave switch. What else?

Does it have a model number and firmware version?

Please provide a debug log so I can see exactly what is reported.

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It is a TKB Home TZ69. Think it’s firmware version 2.51

A debug log may be a good next step. My thought is that they may have added or changed a feature so the xml file from the zwave userdata directory may provide insight.

It’s unlikely the XML will help if it’s an unknown feature - as I posted earlier, I would need to see the debug log.

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Nothing coming up from that module in the debug log so far, only seen the warning once. I’ll keep trying to replicate.

Sometimes it is useful to restart the binding from the Karaf console and capture the debug logs from that,

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Ok, debug log with a zwave binding reset… hope I got that right :slight_smile:

openhab.log (919.5 KB)

Sorry - Unfortunately the log doesn’t contain any messages from the device - it doesn’t have this message in it at all, and there’s actually no received data at all from the dongle (which is really strange).

Yes, it seems to have been a one off warning I can’t reproduce @chris… Can’t have been that important… Let’s leave it here.

Time better spent investigating intermittent slow-downs and unreliabilities :slight_smile:


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