Io-homecontrol / velux - something's in the bush

(Julius Mittenzwei) #41

I started to write a python wrapper around the REST API in python:

While doing so i also discovered a security flaw:

(Mike Bordignon) #42

Where dd you buy it from? I can only find it for EUR 310 which is very expensive. (

(Tikismoke) #43

The image was a klf100 docs too but after talking by phone to them the image as been updated.

By the way it works like I wanted opening and closing shutter and windows independently.

(Jens Kristian Villadsen) #44

Seen at 130 euros at (URL is cheating)

(Sam Grimee) #45

The doc mentions it can manage 5 devices, which can be seen from the hardware contacts, but there is also mention of an ‘advanced’ mode that would manage 200 devices of 5 different types.

Does anyone know if this is done by just aggregating several devices into one so you operate them all at the same time? Or is there a possibility via the API to individually control more than 5 devices?

I have 6 windows, 6 roller-shutters, and 6 velux spots. I’d like to avoid having to buy 4 KLF200…

(Julius Mittenzwei) #46

Most probably via scenes …

(The device can record scenes which you can then start via REST interface. Every scene may contain several devices which have a type (roller shutters have typeId=2, windows have typeId=4. )).

(Jonathan Fulcher) #47

Is there any more news on operating Velux windows and shutters from openhab? I have 4 windows and 4 shutters. Currently only have the io homecontrol remote controls. Would love to get these suckers on my openhab network.

(Bram Gerritsen) #48

Does anybody know if it is possible to partially open the windows through the web API of the Velux 200, for example to 30% open?
@erlendri mentioned the possibility to open products to a certain possition, but this seems to be related to the physical inputs.

I would like to post someting like this to the api/v1/scenes endpoint.

{"action":"run","params":{"id":2, "position":60}}

(Guenther Schreiner) #49


up to now with this software API v1 only execution of predefined settings is possible.


(Bram Gerritsen) #50

@gs4711 Thanks. Hopefully this will be implemented in the future. I am about to receive my KLF-200 today, so trying to figure out in advance how to set things up.

I have 4 velux windows with 4 blinds.

So I imagine I can program the following using the existing remote control:

  1. Windows open
  2. Windows closed
  3. Windows open 50%
  4. Blinds open
  5. Blinds closed

Than I make use of the 5 allowed scenes in the KLF-200.

Am I right about this and does this approach sounds right?

(Guenther Schreiner) #51

Having heard of the rumours about five scenes as well, I can confirm that I already have got 12 distinct scenes.

For now I’m trying to arrange the settings to simulate different closing degrees by separate scene definitions.

Unfortunatelly the programming of the scenes cannot be done via the KLF200: the bridge device only records the commands during the scene learning phase (therefore a lot of manual programming with the normal controls is needed).

(Bram Gerritsen) #52

Ok cool that we are allowed to have more than 5 scenes. I also have velux spots, so hope I can control those too without the need to buy another KLF-200 interface.

What do you mean by “normal controls”, so you mean the IO connections on the interface or the existing remote control I have?

(Bram Gerritsen) #53

Btw I ordered mine at I can confirm you will get the KLF-200, and not the KLF-100 as showed in the image and the URL. I paid GBP 123,- + addition GBP 25,- for delivery to the Netherlands, so in total I paid €163,- which is a lot cheaper than all other stores I found.

(Guenther Schreiner) #54


if you like please try the OpenHAB2 binding as
(same as

and, just verified, there is not a five-scene-limitation on the KLF200!


(Sam Grimee) #55

thanks. No 5 scenes limitation, great. Has anyone tried if we can associate more than 5 devices? Any other functionality than open/close? Use-cases: blinds, window, spotlights.

(Guenther Schreiner) #56

Unfortunatelly I’ve only got four devices, three shutters and one windows.

But this already keeps me busy to define the different settings (opening degree 0 / 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100) as scenes.

(Stefan) #57

@gs4711 Apologize the stupid question, but where can I find the JAR file for the VELUX binding?

Kind regards,


(Guenther Schreiner) #58

Hi Stefan,

please feel free to download the jar-file from

Any comments appreciated!

Best regards,

(Jon Reed) #59

Hi Guenther,

thank you for building this interface.

I have installed the latest jar-file, above, and I can discover my Velux bridge.
However, I can’t seem to find and link any of the scenes / programs I have recorded. I must be missing something! Any suggestions?

(Guenther Schreiner) #60

Hi Jon,
now with the latest build the discovery should work even if you only have defined a bridge as Thing. The version should be look like:

openhab> bundle:list | grep velux
  9 | Active   |  80 |     | velux Binding

Which UI do you use? With PaperUI the following steps can be verified:

  • Is the Velux binding visible at Configuration->Bindings?
  • Is the Thing “Velux KLF200” at Configuration->Things mentioned as online?
  • What is the response shown at Inbox->Scan->Velux Binding?

Or, alternatively, please increase the loglevel as described in the and post the interesting parts :wink:

Best regards,