Io-homecontrol / velux - something's in the bush

(Guenther Schreiner) #61

Unfortunatelly there is a limit of scenes: I hit it after storing the 32nd scene :open_mouth:

(Jon Reed) #62

Hi Guenther,
Apologies for the delay in replying.

The version I have running is:
193 | Active | 80 | | velux Binding

This does not appear to be exactly the same as yours below. Do need to get that one?

I am using the Paper UI and I can see the Velux binding under configuration->binding
I have both a ‘Velux KLF200 Bridge’ and ‘Velux Scene Information’ online under Things.

When I Search in Inbox using the Velux binding, there are two listed:

Velux KLF200 Bridge
Velux Scene Information

Do I need to get some more log detail, or does the above provide some pointers?

Many thanks,

(Guenther Schreiner) #63

Hi Jon,

This does not appear to be exactly the same as yours below. Do need to get that one?

yes, please take a try with that one as it has solved some issues of discovery.

Regards, Guenther

(Lila Linux) #64

What power connecter does it have?

(Bram Gerritsen) #65

Hi, I can have a look tonight when I’m home. There are two adapters in the box. One european connector and an other connector (I think Type A, see

(Jon Reed) #66

Perfect, that did the trick.
I now have some working rules triggered by my Evohome room stats.
Thanks again,

(Antares2001) #67

Hello everyone,

sorry if it’s perhaps a stupid question, but since I haven’t discovered any news on that, my question is whether there is anything on the horizon in this context, that might get us Somfy io-homecontrol devices to work with OpenHAB a day?


(Jonathan Fulcher) #68

Hi all,

Will the KLF200 bridge also work for somfy IO products? I have 4 velux windows, 4 rolling shutters to go with them and my front gate is under Somfy IO control. Would one KLF200 allow me to control all these devices? Thanks for your help.

(Jonas Böhringer) #69

Hi there, I just stumbled upon this thread. I have several Velux products and so far have controlled them with a few simple Velux remotes soldered to a relay that is connected to a Raspberry Pi. It works but obviously has the disadvantage of not receiving the status of my Velux products. Does the KLF200 bridge report status to Openhab?

(Mike Bordignon) #70

Not that I’m aware, but I am keen to understand if I’m incorrect, or if
this is planned in a future firmware release.

(Jakob Barfod) #71

It would be really interesting not only to read the status of windows/shutters/lights/blinds, but also e.g. the status of the rain sensors.

I assume that this information should be available somewhere in the io-homecontrol protocol (albeit well hidden), as a normal remote will tell you something like …

… if you try to open a window when it’s raining (and if your name is Dave).

Has anyone seen any kind of “rain sensor feedback” mentioned anywhere?


(Seeers) #72

Hi all,

does anyone know if I can program the programs without a KLR 200 remote control? Unfortunately, I have already sold my KLR 200 touchpad and use only the simple remote controls, unfortunately I could not create a program with them on my new KLF 200 :frowning_face:

(Guenther Schreiner) #73


the programming of the KLF200 should be possible with the simple
remote controls: Just activate the programming on the KLF200, then
modify the window or shutter positions and finalize the programming.
This should lead to the appropriate programming which is stored as
scene on the KLF200.

What is exactly the problem you’re facing?


(Seeers) #74

Hi Guenter,

you’re right. I did not enter a name for the program. I had been waiting for a “done” message from the recording. Enter a name to enable the save button was the solution… :roll_eyes:
Now everything works Tomorrow I will try the OpenHAB binding.
Thank you

Regards, Daniel

(Kristoffer Ernest) #75

Hi all,

I have just received the KLF 200.

I have a question regarding the scene in the example here:

There is setup one scene in the things “Karlsruhe”.
In the items files, there is 14 position for window and blind.

Does this mean, that there should be setup 14 seperate scenes in KLR 200?

And what is the name of each scene? Like this: ACTION#V_DG_Window_Mitte_010.

BTW - it is nice work with the binding!

Thanks in advance - looking forward to setup all 5 windows and 6 blinds :slight_smile:

(Guenther Schreiner) #76

you’re right: the example includes 14 different scences hopefully being preconfigured within the KLR200.

For your mentioned environment you will probably head to at least to

  • ten scenes for the windows (one for completely opened / closed state),
  • 12 scenes for the blindes (one for completely opened / closed state).

Then you’ll have the opportunity to define the remaining nine scenes for some fine-granular settings.

In our case we have made good experiences in an additional setting of each blind, which leaves the room darkened but not fully dark (i.e. 81% closed).


(Kristoffer Ernest) #77


Finally had time to play with the binding tonight and things are working!
Had a few initial issues - but its running now. :slight_smile:

FYI - saw this in my log:

20:59:05.721 [ERROR] [g.velux.things.VeluxProductReference] - PLEASE REPORT THIS TO MAINTAINER: VeluxProductReference(3) has found an unregistered ProductTypeId.

Instead of using the setting up a “Good night” scene where all windows and blinds are close - has anyone tried to setup rules to handle this? Should there be added timeout between operations etc.?

32 scene is not much for many windows and blinds, as I would like to have window positions like: 0, 7%, 50% and 100%.
Maybe i will end up with 2 devices - if possible?


(Mike Bordignon) #78


I’ve been using this binding for about 5 months now and it’s been working perfectly. Recently (potentially coinciding with an OH upgrade?) it’s stopped working.

The log still reports such things like:

2017-12-28 20:31:40.151 [INFO ] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - Initializing Velux bridge handler for 'velux:klf200:home'.
2017-12-28 20:31:40.153 [DEBUG] [hab.binding.velux.bridge.VeluxBridge] - ioSetup(): retries = 10 times, initial wait interval = 2000 msecs.
2017-12-28 20:31:40.154 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(authenticate / login,unauthenticated) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:42.174 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(deauthenticate / logout) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:42.174 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(deauthenticate / logout,authenticated) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:44.184 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - Velux bridge is online, now.
2017-12-28 20:31:44.186 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(get Scenes) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:44.195 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(authenticate / login,unauthenticated) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:44.201 [DEBUG] [b.binding.velux.handler.VeluxHandler] - Initializing thing velux:scene:home:karlsruhe
2017-12-28 20:31:44.201 [DEBUG] [b.binding.velux.handler.VeluxHandler] - initializeThing thing velux:scene:home:karlsruhe bridge status ONLINE
2017-12-28 20:31:45.156 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Initializing handler for thing 'velux:klf200:home' takes more than 5000ms.
2017-12-28 20:31:46.216 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(get Scenes,authenticated) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:48.428 [DEBUG] [ing.velux.handler.VeluxBridgeHandler] - bridgeCommunicate(get LAN configuration) called.
2017-12-28 20:31:48.428 [DEBUG] [ng.velux.bridge.VeluxBridgeGetScenes] - getScenes() finally has found scenes 4 members: Scene "open_10" (index 2) with non-silent mode and 1 actions,Scene "open_100" (index 3) with non-silent mode and 1 actions,Scene "open_50" (index 0) with non-silent mode and 1 actions,Scene "close" (index 1) with non-silent mode and 1 actions.


Bridge velux:klf200:home   [ bridgeURL="http://klf200.mvm.lan", bridgePassword="velux123", timeoutMsecs=2000, retries=10 ] {
 Thing scene karlsruhe     [  ]


//  Group for simulating push buttons
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gV "PushButton"

// Velux Bridge channels

String  V_BRIDGE_STATUS     "Velux Bridge Status"               { channel="velux:klf200:home:STATUS" }
String  V_BRIDGE_FIRMWARE   "Velux Bridge Firmware version"     { channel="velux:klf200:home:FIRMWARE" }
String  V_BRIDGE_IPADDRESS  "Velux Bridge IP Address"           { channel="velux:klf200:home:IPADDRESS" }
String  V_BRIDGE_SUBNETMASK "Velux Bridge IP Subnet Mask"       { channel="velux:klf200:home:SUBNETMASK" }
String  V_BRIDGE_DEFAULTGW  "Velux Bridge Default Gateway"      { channel="velux:klf200:home:DEFAULTGW" }
String  V_BRIDGE_WLANSSID   "Velux Bridge SSID"                 { channel="velux:klf200:home:WLANSSID" }
String  V_BRIDGE_WLANPASSWD "Velux Bridge WLAN Password"        { channel="velux:klf200:home:WLANPASSWORD" }

// Velux Scene channels

Switch  V_DG_M_W_OPEN   "Velux 100% open"		(gV)         { channel="velux:scene:home:karlsruhe:ACTION#open_100" }
Switch  V_DG_M_W_10     "Velux 10% open" 		(gV)         { channel="velux:scene:home:karlsruhe:ACTION#open_10" }
Switch  V_DG_M_W_50     "Velux 50% open" 		(gV)         { channel="velux:scene:home:karlsruhe:ACTION#open_50" }
Switch  V_DG_M_W_CLOSED "Close skylight"   		(gV)         { channel="velux:scene:home:karlsruhe:ACTION#close" }

However, when I press the button in my sitemap nothing happens, it’s almost as if it doesn’t even try. Can anyone help to diagnose what might be wrong?

(Guenther Schreiner) #79


thanks for your explanations. The initialization parts looks fine as the communication with the KLF200 works well which can be seen in the last line of the debugging output where the found scene definitions are mentioned.
To put it in a nutshell the KLF200 is well configured, reachable by the binding and returns valid informations which are processed by it as well.

What happens whenever you switch i.e. V_DG_M_W_OPEN to ON? The logfile contents of this action will be the interesting part for further observations.

BTW what kind of upgrade has led to this?

Best regards, Guenther

(Mike Bordignon) #80

What sort of logging do I need to enable in OpenHAB to show logging for
when I switch V_DG_M_W_OPEN to ON? It doesn’t log anything at present.

I don’t know about the upgrade but I upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3.0 about the
same time as it stopped working - I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or
not. If I trigger the skylight from within the KLF200 itself it works, so
it’s obviously something to do with OpenHAB.