iOS app for OH3?

Yep! Getting really happy with it :slight_smile:

My Main ui view seems to reload three times after I start the app since the last update. Do you experience the same behaviour?

No, starting fine here.

It’s also not doing it everytime… maybe it happens due to bad wifi signal. It’s just not as seamless as with the android app but it reloads the page completely. It’s not a big issue though, the controls are working fine

Edit: it’s definitely the weak wifi signal on my terrace so never mind…

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… need to get clarity regarding some problems with remote connection using iOS App!

openHAB 3.3.0 stable
iOS app: 2.4.52 (Testflight)

Not sure this is a “Config”, “MainUI” or “iOS App” issue.


Video stream in Basic UI sitemap:

Video url="http://user:pwd@" encoding="mjpeg"

This is working both in local network AND remotely via

Video stream in MainUI via image card and ipcamera binding, since Video card with mjpeg doesn’t work in MainUI:

This is only working in local network BUT NOT remotely via

Same issue with Grafana using Webframe card in MainUI…{period}&panelId=2

This is only working in local network BUT NOT remotely via

Any idea why this is not working remotely - especially since my first example (Basic UI) works locally and remotely?

Hope someone can advise.

If this is not a iOS app issue, I’m happy to open a new thread for this :grinning:

new topic created as advised by @hmerk

Does not matter if it is an App issue or not, you should open a new topic for that.

Is there a chance we will get the „write to nfc tag“ feature for the iOS app like it is available for Android?

Please open a feature request at the iOS app repo. This might be a better way to reach the devs.

Do we still need to have text based sitemaps for watch?

Yes, I only use text-bases basicUI sitemaps.

Well I don’t - I use the interface - does anyone know if you can have one of each?

Does anyone have any example watch sitemap files they can share?

I don‘t know whom to thank in the end, but after having used the iOS App for over a year now for push notifications (and the unfortunate need to build text-based sitemaps to have some sort of access), I was really happy to see that remote Main UI access without the need to re-enter a password every time now works as well. :slight_smile:

So thanks a lot to everyone involved. :grinning:


Same from /me :pray: