iOS app for OH3?

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Is there any ongoing work for transforming the iOS app for using the new GUI in OH3?

I have upgraded to a OH3 milestone, just wondering when the family members using iOS will get the benefit of all the new goodies :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use OH3 without any App on your iPhones…

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Ah, good point. Is there any way to put a shortcut on the home screen?

(sorry if it’s a stupid question. I live in the wonderful world of Android myself :sunglasses:)

As mentioned by hmerk you can use the webui without any app. Open safari, navigate to your oh instance and save the page as facorite on your home screen. A new icon for oh appears. If you open this the page opens in full screen without the safari header and toolbar.


It’s certainly true that openHAB can be accessed from a browser on a phone, just as it always has. That said, the app provides additional benefits including push notifications and access to openHAB instances remotely.

I for one use my iPhone as my primary device and as much as I love the new UI, I won’t be using it as my primary UI until it’s accessible in the app.

The iOS app has taken leaps and bounds this year, so I’d like to give a big shout out to the developers who’ve worked so hard on it. I have no doubt that it will evolve to include the MainUI eventually.


You can still use BasicUI with your “old” sitemaps with openHAB 3 and use it with iOS app…

Or use Habot instead as the primary interface.

There was some attempt by @digitaldan back in May to add the main UI to the iOS app:
So that’s definitely not out of the question - the Android app almost has it already.
There’s a small API for the web UI to communicate with a mobile app, so when in the app, the “other apps” button on the home page calls a native function to “return to the app” instead of opening the drawer.

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I updated my little hacked together prototype, it loads all the tiles from OH3 in the side menu, and uses the native IOS app for sitemaps, and a custom webview for the OH3 UI. Its the first time i have really ever touched Swift, so the code is awful, just warning anyone who looks: I checked in my work on my repo, . I have not touched base with @weakfl or @timbms about it.


@digitaldan is there a way to move this new feature to the official ios app? I don’t know how to move the code as app on my iphone :frowning:

The new UI is really great Yannick made great work on it! I would like to use this in combination with the push notifications. So a merge of this features would be great.

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I would like to second that - I use the iOS app for a lot of things, a lot of my rules are configured to send push notifications to my phone. I would really lilke to see those in OH3

Unfortunately as i mentioned, the code is not great, and it is not tracking if a local or remote connection is made, so not ready for prime time yes. Also, I just realized what I pushed into my branch was a huge change set, which makes it unreadable (messed up merging), but the main file in question is at . I’ll open a ticket up and ask about what the next steps are.


The icon however is plain ugly on iOS.

Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, but it does fit thematically quite well.

I’d also love to see the new UI in the iOS app, but would use a Safari tab on the homescreen until then.

My problem with it:
Often it looks like everything is loaded and ready to go. However, switches show no reaction and absolutely nothing arrives at the openHAB server. This is a bit critical if you want to operate an alarm system, for example. Is it possible that something is being cached inappropriately?

I really would like, but BasicUI on iOS, from remote, stopped working for me when I switched to OH3…
Working only on local…

Just can say that it is working here…

@hmerk , would you mind sharing the app settings?



Sounds like I may have the same problem @lrweb

I can access the WEBUI on newer iOS devices (iOS14), but not on my “main controller” that is iOS9.5.3.

I’ve also posted a separate thread on this topic here EDIT >> Corrected link


Sorry, have to revert my last answer, can‘t get it to work anymore :weary:

that means we should investigate further :slight_smile: