iOS app for OH3?


I’m accessing the WebUI of my openHABian 3.0.1 (on a Raspi 2) from my iOS Homescreen locally via WiFi on myiPhone (iOS 14.4) without any problem, I’m tempted to say it is a flawless experience. :slight_smile:

When I try to access webUI remotely via, I experience two problems:

  1. I’m sometimes being asked (after around 5 - 10 seconds of looking at a black screen) for my credentials (which is rather cumbersome).
  2. The connection appears to be rather unstable (values not loading, WebUI looks as if .css not loaded correctly, sometimes nothing loading at all). Sometimes navigating away and back does the trick (though this is difficult when it’s run from the home screen, since no navigation elements are not available anymore), sometimes not.

Any suggestions?

From what I understood, the openHAB App does not work with openHABian 3.0.1, correct?

There is no openHABian 3.0.1…

Actual iOS app id not working with openHAB 3.x main UI, but it will hopefully come soon.
Pull request was created some time ago…

Apologies for mixing up version numbers, less than one week ago I didn’t even know openHAB, not to mention own a Raspi. :wink: I meant openHABian 1.6.3.

Ok, thanks for the info, at least it’s not me missing something. Re-entering credentials from time to time is not too bad then.

I have to enter my credentials every time - which settings should i check?

Just checked the behavior again: I also have to re-enter my credentials every time I access via Safari remotely. I guess I must’ve missed something earlier on or tested it with not enough time in between (probably resulting in the session still being open).

how have you set up access to MainUI through the cloud connector?

Yes. Btw: The access itself now works flawlessly (maybe it was just a temporary glitch), but still credentials are required for every login. So maybe the update for the iOS App mentioned above will come soon.

Can you explain how you did this? I have only worked out how to use the iOS app where you can specify the url

Sry, misread your first question. Can you please specify what you mean by “this”?

Sorry if I wasnt clear. I have the IOS app and understand that if I want to access OH3 via that I will need to create a sitemap and access it the same as i did in 2.5. I thought you were referring to using to access MainUI and the pages within, which I dont beleive the IOS app allows, do I have that correct as what you are doing?

Maybe I jump in here as well :wink:

I can login on with my account credentials.
This will show my mainUI OverView page.

However, if I login with one of the non-admin user accounts, I get a blank screen.

Any suggestion?

Yes, this is what what I understood as well.

Unfortunately no, sry.

Please give it some time (> 5 min).
The screen will appear after some time.

I am exposing my instance via Nginx with basic auth which is properly working from the web browser. At this moment i do not care about MainUI or Sitemaps I just would like to use shortcuts for certain things via the app. In order to get those working I need to configure both the local and remote URLs which I did. I can confirm that on Wifi the local setting work because with shortcuts I can turn on and off things. However when I am connecting remotely it is not working at all. I have the proper credentials specified.

I’ve created a sitemap as well for testing which does work locally but does not when I am connecting via the internet.

Any idea?

Does anybody know whether this is still true?


has anyone an idea if it could work with a sitemap with just a webview pointed to the mainUI?

When i am connected to my local network the mainUI is shown as wanted, but i have actually no idea how i could access it though remote access:

Hi Alex,

the easiest way should be a VPN. Your router may have such a function (most provider-routers won’t offer that, but 3rd party products like Fritz!Box from AVM can do it) or you can do it with, for example, PiVPN, which will run a OpenVPN-Server on a Raspberry Pi.

Using VPN allows you to use your whole network from remote with an secure encrypted tunnel.

That’s my problem as well (see above).
And I did not find a proper solution to access mainUI through
That’s one of my most important open topics on OH3

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Hi @ankou87 , at first thanks for your reply!

Of course, this is one option. I already use a vpn connection for some use cases and, for excample, auto-connect to my vpn when my iphone connects to another wifi than my home-wifi. But i dont want to establish a vpn connection (no matter if manual or automatic), when i use 4G/5G.

I agree with @NCO , that this is one of the most important open topics on OH3.

That sounds interesting.
Is this on an iphone?
Which VPN app do you use for this function?

My VPN at home is activated / deactivated depending on my phone’s state in my wifi, but I always need to manually deactivate VPN on may phone.

Any help how you handle this would be greatly appreciated.